Thursday, August 21, 2008

All the leaves are brown......

Is it me, or is there a break in the heat outside? A breath of cooling air? A change in the sounds of the insects and the colors of the leaves? It must be Fall!! Don't get me wrong - I so love Summer and warm weather (don't love the humidity, though - frizzy, Rosanne Rosanna Danna hair - eek!). But isn't it nice to enjoy wearing clothes again: no sticking-to-the-back, no I-want-to-hide-my-arms-but-it's-too-hot! We can go back to cuddly cardigans and comfy jackets. We can rock our perfect jeans again. There's definitely a plus-side to the cooler temperatures.

Since we have to cover up for comfort, isn't it great that we can do it so fashionably. This season brings us a wonderful mixture of fabulous textures and satiny finishes to the fabrics. We also see lots of little details that jazz up the standard styles: pintucks on bodices, collars, and cuffs; metallic threads in plaids and knits; belted jackets and zippered pockets. It's all about the detail!

Check out our super-fashionable jackets in modern, eye-catching fabrics: the Tweed Jacket has a soft, knobby weave that just begs to be touched. For a more substantial jacket, the Vintage Swing Jacket glows in jewel tones that mix beautifully with everything from black dress pants to faded jeans. Monochromatic color schemes still pop with passion in our Floral Stretch Satin Jacket. This jacket also features a fresh, shorter length in both the body and the sleeve.

Of course, different tastes mean different style groups! Check out our Latest Trends at to find the one that fits your lifestyle. If it's the ultra-cute yet ultra-modern "School Girl" look that strikes your fancy, we have all the classic tops, skirts, and pants that effortlessly make the grade. For a little "bling" - and what girl doesn't like a little sparkle! - we have a dazzling line of "Metallic Shine" separates and dresses that take you from a little shimmer to full-out Glam. Pair spangle-y jewel tone tops with soft, flowing black bottoms for a party look that's sure to make a statement.

Most of all, enjoy the season. These lovely cooler breezes give way much too quickly (for my tastes) to those sub-zero blasts. Happy Autumn!