Monday, June 18, 2012

Jewelry That Flatters You & Finishes Your Look

Guest blogger Cynthia Sliwa recently started  her own blog, Truly Becoming: Conversations About Authentic Style for Women Over 40. For over five years, she has been sharing her observations about jewelry trends in her Jewelry Fashion File blog for the respected  jewelry industry publication JCK Magazine at  She is co-author of the book Jewelry Savvy: What Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know. You may also know Cynthia from her writing as a columnist and  contributing editor for AmaZe Magazine and and from her workshops on full-figured style. Cynthia is a professional image consultant, working one-on-one with individuals to assist them with their personal and professional style.

Visit Cynthia's blog at Don't miss my guest post and a special opportunity to win your favorite tunic from Ulla Popken! 


Feel good in what you wear!
Once you've found an outfit you love, whether you prefer the comfort of separates or the ease of a dress, take your style up a notch with the addition of jewelry. Adding an item or two of tastefully chosen jewelry not only polishes your look, it also draws attention where you want it to go. 
Earrings are a great way to draw attention up to your face. Stud earrings are a comfortable choice. Faux pearl studs by Carolee, style number 15971, glam up a look and add a flattering bit of gleam near your face. Choose classic soft white, charcoal for cool pink-based complexions, or gold  if your skin has peach or golden undertones. These are especially great for travel, when you don't want to worry about losing a set of natural or cultured  pearls.

For more casual looks, try hoop earrings. Ulla Popken's "Oval Hoop Earrings," style number 21034,  designed in hammered gold-toned or silver-toned metal, they add plenty of pizzazz for a modest price.
Short statement necklaces have a strong presence in the pages of fashion magazines for good reason -- they add a delightful dose of eye candy near the face. The short length  is wonderfully flattering for women with full chests. These necklaces draw the eye up to the face rather than down to the bustline.
Ulla Popken sells a number of short statement necklaces in intriguing mixes of color. For instance, the "Autumn Necklace," style number 24043, consists of three strands of a combination of translucent and solid-hued beads, perfect for the woman who looks great in autumnal colors. The look is reminiscent of retro 1950s looks but in a more generous 21-inch length (plus 3-inch extender), which allow this necklace to fit comfortably below larger necks.
For a more versatile neutral look, the Ulla Popken "Crystal Necklace," style number 14934, of acrylic drops on a brass base works with a range of looks, from casual to dressy. The necklace is 20 inches long with a 3-inch extender, which should place the necklace in that sweet spot a flattering distance from the chin.
Take the extra moment to complete your stylish look with flattering jewelry. Or have some fun and design a look around jewelry you love!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Colors that Work

Do you select colors that you love to look at or colors that flatter your face?  Well, how about a color that does both?

Check out our Embellished Knit Tunic, #22535, in Caribbean. The fabric is soft to the touch but has enough weight to drape well, the crush of silver and white beading is rich and soft gathers of fabric frame the face beautifully. The cut of this plus size top is A-line and the fabric is 100% viscose rayon knit - which means it will move and stretch well throughout the day and it will be as wrinkle-free in the evening as it was when you put it on in the morning. The color is absolutely gorgeous and it is a universally flattering color. How can this be so?

Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel enhance each other, which is why strawberries pop and look so delicious packaged in green containers. This shade of turquoise is just about the 'color-wheel opposite' of pink― playing up a healthy blush in the skin, regardless of your complexion tone. Both light and dark, warm or cool skin tones have underlying or obvious shades of pink. That is why this color is universally flattering. Furthermore, this color is also versatile, it works for three of the four seasons and can be paired with all neutrals, black, brown, khaki, white and of course jeans.

What's your favorite universally flattering color?

Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger
Feel good in what you wear.