Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall into Great Fashion!

All the signs are there, seeing big yellow school buses on the roads, pools preparing to close, and every once in a while a breeze of cool air comes our way. We all have to admit it; fall is on its way. Living on the east coast, we show a sign of each season, and as much as I love summer, by the time fall rolls around I am ready to welcome it. It is a nice change to wear long sleeve tee's and feel comfortable in pants. The temperature is still warm enough to wear sandals and flip flops, but enough of an evening breeze that you can comfortably wear a light jacket. You also can't help but be interesed in the new clothes that come out for fall, especially if you are the type of person who loves to see new styles and trends!

As we prepare for another change in season, remember, there is a bright-side to the end of summer, you get to go shopping!

Item #05525, Organic Flounce Jacket pictured in Spruce