Monday, June 28, 2010

Ulla's Fall Preview

You may have noticed our newest catalog being delivered to you this week. We are proud to introduce our Fall Preview! I know what you may be thinking, "Fall?!? Summer just started!" Yes, this is true, however, we have been careful to include items that can be worn straight through summer into fall. Take our Crochet Empire Dress, #04237 for example, this is the perfect look for both summer and fall. Pair cute sandals with this dress for those cool summer nights, you will stay comfortable with loose 3/4 length sleeves and A-line fit. By the time fall rolls around you can add leggings and flats and continue wearing this fantasic dress in style!

Pictured: Item #04237, in burgundy

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't Forget to Cover Up!

So you're heading to the beach, let's review the checklist:

Sunglasses, check!
SPF, check!
Tropical Drink, check!
Magazine, check!

Now the only other thing you need to go great with your fantastic Ulla Popken bathing suit is a perfect cover up. Have you checked out our selection? We have the style for any preference. Need to get out of the sun? Try our Cotton Gauze Caftan, #02291. Do you want to cover up, but still get some sun on your shoulders and arms? You need our Knit Flounce Cover Up, #02598 (pictured). Want to show off a sexy suit? Try our Shimmer Lace Duster, #02454.

Come see Ulla's great selection of beachwear! Now your checklist is finally complete!