Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tis the Season

Things start to get a little crazy about this time of year. It's time for travel, parties, shopping, and celebrations. Just when I think I have a handle on my calendar, the temperature drops and the icicles start to form. Then I remember the resolutions I made last year! That I would somehow do it easier and better the next time around.

We have the same kind of resolutions for our web site at Ulla Popken. The good news is that our list of improvements is humming along nicely. In the next few months we will have new features to make your shopping experience easier and better!

While we're making the list and checking it twice, would you give us a hand? What would you like to see on www.ullapopken.com? Help us make sure that we include the things that matter to you. Add a Comment and let us know what you would like to see on our site in 2008.


Annie said...

I'd love to see larger sized models, who really fill out the clothing appropriately. Thanks for asking!

junebuggnc said...

I wish that Ulla Popek would bring back the CLASSIC FIVE-POCKET JEANS style that you carried a few years back. The item # was 14801 and the cost was $49.00. I have not been able to find any jeans that fit the style, comfort and look that these classic five pocket jeans had. I was lucky enough last year to find a couple of pair on ebay. The style you carry now, Marilyn whatever, is not of the same style, fit or comfort. I've worn them so much that I keep having to patch them in the worn areas around the waist. Please bring this specific denim jeans back!

Ulla Blogger said...

Hello junebuggnc,

Thanks for taking the time to share you opinion about our 5 Pocket Jeans. Yes, they are great. I just spoke to the Buyer.. and it looks like we will continue to offer the Marilyn and Bridget jeans. We will also continue to offer our collection of specialty denim. For example, take a look at the 55804 Striped Denim Pants!

Here's another quick tip. The Buyer mentioned some unique denim offerings for Fall 2008. That collection will debut in May.

lotsacats said...

You have a great range of clothing, etc, and the catalog is good, but wow are you ever missing the boat on your website!
I just got an email from Just My Size that they have *finally* added "Ratings & Reviews" features to their website. I'm stumped as to why any site for selling a product DOESN'T have those features. Zappos.com set the standard for this, or maybe Amazon.com, but it's just basic to my mind.

And FYI - I'm with junebuggnc -- I've ordered the marilyn jeans but found them wanting, so returned them. I want the Classic Five-Pocket Jeans.

Ulla Blogger said...

We actually talked about adding Rate & Review to our site. It looks like most sites that offer this feature carry products from many different vendors and labels. So, they are looking for the right brands to carry. At Ulla Popken, virtually everything is private label. So, we're counting on shoppers to tell us directly how they feel about products.

Like the Classic 5 Pocket jeans...quite a few people have asked us to bring this back. These comments really matter to us and are handed off to the Buying Dept. Thanks!

junebuggnc said...

Back to the Classic 5-pocket jeans. I have tried both the Marilyn and Bridget, they do not work for me. They have too much stretch in them, though it may be the same percent of spandex, it is not the same feel as your previous classic 5-pocket jeans. The classic 5-pocket jeans fit like a pair of jeans should and not showing every wrinkle of curve of the body like the stretch denim jeans do. Also, I am not one for the jeans that flair (bell bottoms anyone), have added colored material (afor mentioned striped jeans) nor sequins or jewels. There are those of us who would love a pair of plain, straight leg, classic 5 pocket jeans that makes us feel like we fit with the rest of the world when it comes to good, comfortable, nice looking jeans. I do hope to see this particular style of jeans offer in the future.

tamia said...

I agree with lotsacats you need to have "Ratings & Reviews" and its not just to tell you what we like. It’s for your shoppers to tell each other "hey don't buy this tee because it shrinks down 2 sizes after the first wash." I can't tell you the time I would have saved if I saw reviews from others warning me of a bad buy. Also on the other hand so many times I could not decided if I wanted to chance buying an item and if I would have seen good reviews on it then maybe I would have made that purchase. Buttom line is you need "Ratings & Reviews" your losing money without them.

sheri said...

I think the shipping and handling charge is quite a bit too much! I could send something for less than half what you charge, and how much could it cost for someone to take something out of a stack and pack it in a box? If someone wants to pay extra for fast delivery give them a choice. The rest of us who are willing to wait a week or two give us a break.

Ulla Blogger said...


We appreciate your feedback on the delivery fees. As with most catalog and website companies, our shipping and processing charges include costs for customer service, shipping, order processing, returns, exchanges, and some overhead.
That said -- we occasionally run special shipping discounts for website orders. Be sure to register your e-mail address and you will receive these and other offers, too.

Anonymous said...

I wish you had soft denim jackets like you used to. Several years ago I had a jacket that I got from you that I loved -- it was so soft and lightweight and moved with me, not like stiff thick demin jackets you find everywhere. It was damaged in an accident, and I ordered another in the very same style, only to find the fabric was much stiffer and less comfortable. I tried washing it a bunch of times, but it never became comfortable. This summer, I saw a denim jacket advertised on your site as "butter soft" and ordered it, thinking that you'd gone back to the old material. Nope! Same old stuff. No matter how many times I wash the jacket, it's not 'butter soft'!

Ulla Blogger said...

Hello Anonymous. Thanks for taking the time to share your comments about Ulla's Denim Jackets

We have a lot of different kinds of denim and different weights for all the different seasons. I am sure that you will find just the right fabric in one of the upcoming seasons. We have a summer style, # 72309 Denim Fringe Jacket, in a soft, lightweight denim. We also have # 24306, the Classic Jean Jacket, in the lightweight denim (8 oz) this spring instead of the heavier, fall weight (10 oz). Why don't you give us a chat, e-mail and or call Customer Service? We'll be happy to check the weight of the denim for your favorite style.