Friday, October 03, 2008

Purple Haze

Like luscious grapes bursting on the vine, our newest fashions burst with color to create a heady mix of clothing options. Rich, amethyst purples dot the countryside and the flower stalls. Bring these jewels into your wardrobe with our Fall 08 favorites.

Royal purple hues abound in plaids, solids, prints…you name it! Cover up in a plum-rich plaid Metallic Flecked Plaid Jacket or solid Smocked Swing Jacket.

With our Satin Shoulder Button Blouse, you have two shades of purple to choose - deep purple or concord - for maximum impact.

Tap into the healing properties of purple in our mix-and-match leisure wear. Our classic black leggings pair perfectly with the aubergine Polo Shirt, Pintuck Tank, and Striped Sleeve Hoodie. Ohm…..

Don't forget purple power in your career wear! Our Bow Tie Dress and Print Knit Dress pair modern style with this season's hottest hue.

One of the great things about Autumn is the gorgeous jewel tones Nature offers us. Enjoy these rich colors throughout the Fall season.


Anonymous said...

Why do you sell poor quality garments? You sell good ones, toom of course, but sometimes what you ship is stuff one wouldn't look twice at in a bricks-and-mortar store pricing items above $6.00. Very uneven standards!

Take for example item #81809, lightweight crepe pants. The waistband is just turned and tacked here and there, not finished. I've seen this on other pants from you, too.

At the same time, you also sell some nice, well made pants. There's just not a good way to guess from the catalog whether a given item is a classic or trash. Can't you pay the third world laborers another $0.18 and get the lesser items at least finished?

Diane said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate any honest and unbiased opinions we receive. I have forwarded your entry to the other departments for consideration, and we will certainly try to correct this situation in the very near future.

buyingteam said...

From the buying department this is a special type of waistband. It is meant to lay flat and be comfortable when wearing. It is specially sewn that way so there is not extra bunching and gathering at the waist. Sorry this pant is not for you. Please feel free to call customer service and ask about the waistband before ordering. They have samples they can check to give you exact information. Only a select few of our pants have this waistband.