Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to shine! If you need that special outfit for a spectacular occasion, come see our Special Occasion selection on the Ulla Popken website. We have glitter, we have glitz, and we have glamour. And if you order today, we can get your merchandise to you pronto with our special shipping upgrades.

From all of us at Ulla Popken to all of our wonderful customers....Happy Holidays!


Marci said...

I just found your website with clothing and found the exact dress I was looking for. It was the right color and very similar to the one I pictured in my head. Then I found that you no longer had it in my size in that color. That is why I hate shopping. :( I love your clothing.

Diane said...

Hi Marci,

Would you mind giving us a little more information as to the dress you wanted? Maybe we can find one similar for you.

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this website while looking for spring clothing appropriate for office wear. I love so many of the items on your website however:
After checking extensively I cannot find any real reviews on your clothing. Reviews are necessary for any purchase that I make online because of the high cost of returning ill fitting or poorly made clothing.
I can also guage how a particular clothing line is sized by customer comments so I can choose the correct sizing IE: runs small, no give in the waist, too short, etc.
And if I purchase something, the comments usually mention how quickly your store ships and how expensive the shipping is.
Since I am large on top (XXL/22-24)and smaller on the bottom (14)I often have to return items due to sizing issues, therefore delays because of returns discourage purchases.
As I said earlier, I love what I see. More information on the jackets would be great. I am large across the bust, but smaller in the waist. Obviously a tapered jacket is a necessity as opposed to a boxy jacket (which makes me look huge) that has no definition at the waistline. So a few more descriptive lines would help make purchase decisions.
Thank you,

Hollie said...

Hi Cee,

Thank you for your interest in Ulla Popken. I am glad you voiced your suggestions to us. Infact we are currently working on sprucing up our blog. We are going to focus on our new summer line that has just come out, and encourage open discussion on our items. We encourage our shoppers to rate the items they order, so people may have a better experience when purchasing our clothing.

Please feel free to write any comments or suggestions in our future blogs!

verlondal said...

I have been a customer for a long time. I loved your clothes on my body and their durability.

Recently, I have been unsatisfied with the clothing line. Empire style dresses and tops make me look extremely heavy and bloated. I noticed your dresses are getting rather short. I tend to look better in 48 to 54 inch dresses.

I know about the need for diversity in styling. However, longer dresses look better on me. I can wear slimfit, a-line, and princess seam well. Right now, you aren't giving many choices. I saw a colorblock dress in another catalog that was just beautiful. But it was a competitor of yours.

I find myself gravitating to your denim skirts and jeans, but not the dressses right now. You are losing your edge with me as a customer. And again, I have been your customer since the 80's. I don't want to go elsewhere for my clothing. Please offer the array of hemlines, and styles you once did. There is nothing more tragic then losing old customers.

buyingteam said...

Verlondal -
I am so sorry you cannot find the type of dress you are looking for. I provided below a list of dress that are between 48" and 54" that are a relaxed or a-line fit. I have taken out most of the ones with the empire waist. A few I left since they were not gathered at the empire and should give you a slenderizing look. The empire waist is our customers favorite style so that is why we have a large variety with this waist. I hope this list helps you and I hope you can find one that will suit you. The buying team will keep your comments in mind when designing for next spring and summer. Thank you!
91292 Floral Print Dress
91293 Pintuck Scoopneck Dress
81221 Contrast Stitch Denim Jumper
91297 Square Neck Knit Dress
91288 Satin Shirtdress
91283 Scoopneck Dress
91291 Button Detail Dress
91284 Satin-trimmed Crinkle Dress
91285 Embroidered Crinkle Dress
91296 Boho Print Satin Dress
92257 Embroidered Tank Dress
92263 Embroidered Wrap Dress
92266 Tieback Pintuck Dress
82212 Embroidered Prairie Dress
92268 Bare-your-shoulders Dress
92280 Tribal Print Knit Dress (has an empire waist but looks great on most)
92252 Matte Jersey Dress
72215 Floral Crochet Trim Dress
73237 Hankie Hem Crinkle Dress
82206 Print Georgette Dress
82229 Dazzling Collage Tank Dress
92275 Safari Print Dress
92253 Knit Halter Dress

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

Hollie said...

All of Ulla's Blogs are written by employees of Ulla Popken.

Thank you for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

Justified making my first post at ullablog.blogspot.com, which seems to be a wonderful forum!