Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dress to Impress!

When the weather gets warmer the special events and occasions really begin picking up! I have a few weddings and parties in the upcoming months but I think I can find just what I need in Ulla’s Summer Style 2009! I have a few great looks in mind, but with so many options it’s hard to choose just one!

What is your favorite “special occasion” item(s)?


chic plus size said...

My favorite special occasion item is the beaded vintage dress. I ordered it a few weeks ago to wear to a wedding in May. I just love it! It fits great!

Trendymom said...

I absolutely love the jeweled print satin kimono top. I have this item and it fits beautifully. It is so cleverly designed. It also has a variety of spring colors so I can mix and match it with many of the items I already own.

Lola's Mom said...

I love the Sequin Trapeze Dress. It is classy and elegant and modern at the same time. The fabric has a lovely drape and the embellished neck draws attention up. I think it's a really hip way to do weddings or other fancy summer events. Thanks for giving us some cool special occasion options!

Anonymous said...

I think item 92712 Embroidered skirt is awesome. It is perfect for all special occasions.

lonedogday said...

My #1 go-to favorite "dressy" outfit is a burnout velvet tank and jacket I got from Ulla Popken well over a year ago. I paid $150 for it, and I've seen it on sale, and I've never once regretted the purchase. The colors and the fabric are wonderful, and I always get great compliments when I wear it.

lonedogday said...

OK, thinking of the post title "Dress to Impress" there is one thing that's been driving me nuts, and I'd LOVE to see an area on the UP blog where you allow/welcome feedback and suggestions from your loyal customers.

I am 5'10" and wear size 28/30. I can totally carry off the more "dramatic" and lovely UP clothes -- the the short pant lengths are SO disappointing! I bought a navy pinstripe suit ()also came in grey) last year, and I just recently bought the black "stretch" career suit -- long blazer, cuffed pants, after I'd bought the plaid check version of the same thing several months ago. I have had to just resign myself to wearing these TOTALLY PERFECT suits with "flood" pants, because they are too darn short for a tall woman. The inseam was listed as 30" -- yet when I measured the actual inseam, it was more like 28.25". Floods!

The fabric is perfect.

The tailoring is perfect.

The fit is wonderful.

The pants are too darn short!!!!

You've only offered "long" or "tall" sized pants for jeans -- and honestly, other online/catalogs seem to have the "jeans aspect" cornered at more reasonable prices.

I'm a working office professional, I need suits and office-appropriate clothes -- and I CRAVE longer pants.

I can't be the only big woman who is tall! Your customers cannot all be 5'5"!

I wish you'd make allowance for this, and offer some nice, office-appropriate suits with longer pants (32" or 33" inseam). It's much easier to hem something that's too long, than to end up with pants that are just too short.

Please, oh, please!

Hollie said...

Hi lonedogday,

Thank you so much for your input; we always love to hear suggestions from our customers! Feel free to always use our blog to post any comments you may have!
Your message will be passed along to our buying department.
Again, thank you for your valuable feedback. Have a great day!


I just love item 91443, that is one of my favorite item in both colors are really great

Buyingteam said...

Lonedogday - we have starting fall 2009 starting adding some more pants with a 31 inch inseam ... closer to what you want but not quite tall yet. I am sorry that the pants you ordered are too short and do not measure what is listed in the catalog - we do a lot based on the curve of the rise (the seam in the middle from the front to the back from the waistband) depending on the size and adjust the inseam accordingly. Of course depending on your shape the rise does not work for everyone. I hope some of the 31" pants will work for you. If you want a list in June when the fall book comes up please feel free to blog us and let us know. Thanks for your comments - we really appreciate it. And as we grow we hope to add talls and petites to our catalog!

Sandy said...

There are a couple of dresses I am thinking of buying for an upcoming conference. this is my first time on this website. Do the clothes run true to size. Generally I wear a 3x or 24-26. I don't know whether to order the 28-30 or 24-26. If you run "normal" I think it would be 24-26 but am a little nervous. I was out shopping today and sizes are all over the map.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hollie said...

Hi Sandy,

Ulla's clothes in general are generously cut. However, if you wear a 3x we would suggest you order the 24/26.

Better yet, if you would like exact measurements on the dresses you are thinking about you can call into our customer service department at 1.800.245.8552. An agent would be happy to provide you specific measurements on different sizes so you will have not have any doubts!

Buyingteam said...

Sandy -
Our sizes are generous. Please go for the 24/26 size.
Good luck. Thanks for asking!
Let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I live nearby Glen Arm -- do you have a retail store to replace the one that closed in Towson?

Hollie said...


At this time we only have catalog and internet sales in the U.S.

Gibsonator said...

Why can the special occasion and career wear be in all the sizes? The BIG big girls need Sequin Trapeze dresses too!

Buyingteam said...

Gibsonator -
One thing that is good to know about Ulla Popken and how we choose the items for the larger sizes is that if the item is a best seller the following year we will do that item again, sometimes even add colors and if it has sold well in the larger sizes we will add the last additional size. I will tell you this item is a best seller so hopefully next year we will have it in the size you want. Thanks for blogging.

Anonymous said...

I recently bought#91450 I really didn't like it but I kept it .The lining that was used was so clingly with static, I tried everything from static guard to bryer sheets nothing worked.I finally cut the lining out and used a cami.

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal Ulla Popken customer for many years. Although I live in Ohio, whenever I was in Maryland I would go to their store there. I have many things that I have purchased over the years and they are great.
I just loved a black jersey knit dress with the long sleeves that had a short line of crystal at the neck.
Is there any way that will be reintroduced? I miss it!
Thank you