Monday, February 13, 2012

Retail Therapy

I'm a student of Linda Bacon, PhD, the author of Health at Every Size. Among the brilliant insights she has taught me is the importance of being attentive to the full experience of eating, dressing, and living life! 'Woulda, shoulda, coulda' is a waste of time and energy. Linda's concept is to use all your senses and sensibilities to embrace the moment fully, because when you're satisfied, you're less likely to compensate with behaviors that skirt the desire and actually compromise your well-being. If you're eating an ice cream sundae, savor it fully, with all your senses. If you're selecting a plus size woman's top, love it completely, treat yourself generously.

So many of us women of a certain age who wear plus size, promise ourselves new clothing when we lose weight, when a special occasion comes around or after we buy something for someone else. Linda would say go out now and buy clothes we feel good wearing, no matter what we weigh and in the right size that we wear today. Seize the present - it's really all we have.

Taking action allows us to live in the moment, in the body we have today, which is the kind of "presentness" many spiritual disciplines such as meditation, yoga and martial arts are built upon. We want to live in the present moment with full awareness, an essential component of truly inhabiting our body. If we accept the present reality of our body, we can focus on how we feel and what we want, and move forward in our life.

So in terms of 'retail therapy' - pick one item that is a microcosm of this type of acceptance. Personally, I'm absolutely in love with Ulla's Beaded Embroidered Trim Tunic in watermelon.

I love it even more when I notice the details, touch the fabric, hold the color up to my face. I love the lines, the length, the shape, the vibe! YES! This season, this item has become a symbol of the importance of being in love with what I wear and treating myself well.

What makes you say YES to a plus size top?

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Feel good in what you wear!


Anonymous said...

I love looking at the beautiful tunics, as they are my favorite. I don't understand the sizing though. I normally wear a size 18-20. Their sizes run 16-18, 20-22 and so on. A 16 is too small for me and a 22 is too big. I guess I'm in that in between area. Should I order 20-22? Totally confused about their sizing.

Anonymous said...

Great question!

In general, order to fit the largest part of you - therefore you should probably order the 20-22.

Please feel free to contact me at -
and I'd be happy to look at specific pieces with you and offer my thoughts and personal experience with the items.

That said, I am going to write a post about this topic. Thanks so much for raising the issue!


Anonymous said...

It would be very helpful to know the shoulder measurements, that way I will know if they'll fit without hanging off the shoulder. That's just so tacky looking. I love these 3 tunics, but hesitant to order because of the sizing issues I'm having. Items no. 14427...15541...and 21553! Thank you for the help!

Anonymous said...

You're so right about the importance of well-fitted shoulders. Also, it's an area rather tough to alter.

I'll get the info for you asap. Check back tomorrow and I'll post it.


Anonymous said...

Here's what Sandy, the best fitter in the business says:
The knit styles 15541 and 21553 have a shoulder to shoulder measurement of 17 1/4" for size 16/18 and 18" for size 20/22. Knits will have more stretch than the woven top.

Style 14427 is a woven. The shoulder to shoulder measurements are 17 1/2" for size 16/18 and 18 1/2" for size 20/22.

There is also a plus or minus 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch tolerance for shoulder measurements.

I have narrow shoulder and I will often sew or safety pin soft light-weight shoulder pads to tops and jacket. I don't want to look like a Dynasty cast member but the light-weight pads really help balance my pear shaped figure and improve the fit of the item.

Hope this info helps.
Best regards,

Lilibeth said...

For me a top is all about where it ends. I have the luck of being tall, so most tops end too short and leave an inch or so uncovered when I bend over.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lilibeth,


I'm not very tall (5' 7"), but still, new tops have to be long enough, and it is a first consideration for me. One of the things I think Ulla does really well is to state the length of every top in every product description.

Thanks for commenting!