Monday, August 27, 2012

Are you a round shape diamond?

The round shape diamond is round and full through the arms, shoulders, back, tummy, hips and thighs. She may or may not have a smaller waist.


We are going to allow for the fullness of the bust, and avoid pulling or gaping. We're going to create a gentle fullness between the bust and the hip. Interesting necklines, an open neck in general, brings attention up and on the face. In terms of the torso as a whole, the round shape diamond should look for outfits with a strong linear detail or focus.


Ulla's Gathered Beaded Center Knit Tunic, 25571, has a graceful fall of soft pleating which avoids any pulling and an A-line fit. Embellished with flaring rows of faceted beading, against a rich Merlot color (or Black)  - the tops centers attention on the face. In the same spirit, Ulla's Pintuck Trim Tunic, 24436, has a similar gentle drape with well-centered detail bringing focus to the face as well. Ulla's Embroidered Tunic Blouse, 05420, mixes complementary prints in a great way for the round shape diamond. The neckline is open and enhanced with vivid embroidery. The sleeves are a much darker pattern, allowing the fullness of the arm to seem to recede a bit.

A linear masterpiece, Ulla's Grommet-trim Knit Coordinates, the Jacket, 25561, paired with the Tank, 25562, keep the eye running north and south. I appreciate the infusion of 5% spandex, making the set drape and softly glide over curves. This set is a great example of the line keeping the silhouette sleek and sophisticated, inviting rich colors like Emerald, Grape or of course, Black.

Pair any of the tops with Ulla's Matte Jersey Straight-leg Pants, 02635 for a slimming, comfortable bottom that takes you just about anywhere.


I'm lovin' Ulla's Bead and Braid-trim Knit Dress, 25240, in Rio Red (or Black) for the round shape diamond. It is an Empire dress with a flattering V-shaped frame at the neckline. It flatters the torso with a sweat-heart shaped bodice with soft gathers below, front and back. The embellishment is rich and decisive.

Please share your own tips for round shape diamonds!


Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

Feel good in what you wear.


Deb said...

Hi Babe,
Thanks for the "diamond" info. I think I am a round diamond. I have a waist but I am 5'2", I feel like clothes with alot of fabric overwhelm me & makes me look shorter & heavier.
Any thoughts?
Thanks again for all of your great advice!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Deb, it's a good point you make.

Ulla has some excellent knits that are soft, lean and drape beautifully. Here are a few examples in our viscose spandex:
Sequin Bow Tie Knit Top, 25559, and
Lace and Sequin Knit Mock Twinset, 25570 (the 2 in 1 minimizes excess fabric).

Pair with either
Ulla's Stretch Ponte Knit Boot-cut Leggings, 14621, or
Ulla's Short Stretch Denim Boot-cut Jearn, 24833, in 28" inseam!!

You're gonna feel good in what you wear!