Monday, November 05, 2012

Lengths Graded by Size

Some customers ask, "Why does Ulla grade the length of some tops by size?" In other words, just because I'm bigger doesn't mean I'm taller. This is certainly true and I'd like to share how it works and the options you have. 

First, Ulla's design team always offers options. If we offer a certain style graded by size, we usually offer a similar style in the same length for all sizes. For example, Ulla's Crochet Detailed Top, 14561, is graded by size, from 29 - 33 inches. It has rich embroidery, relaxed fit, 100% cotton knit and comes in great colors: Autumn, Navy, Peacock, and Aubergine. Ulla's Braid Ribbon Knit Tunic, 24557,  has a standard 34 inch length. It, too, is embellished with loops of ribbon braid creating a lace-like effect at the open neckline, it's a relaxed fit and made of 100% cotton and it come in jewel tones too, Merlot and Baltic.

Another example is Ulla's Contrast Edged Blouse, 25431, graded by size from 29 - 33 inches.  It's a soft, 100% rayon crepe blouse, shirt collar, button placket front, long sleeves with adjustable button cuffs, chest pocket and relaxed fit. Ulla's Chest Pocket Shirt, 14451, comes in a standard 32 inch length. It too is made of 100% rayon crepe with long sleeves and classic button-down styling with chest flap pockets. Both come in a bounty of classic colors.

A third example takes the form of a jacket. Ulla's Matte Jersey Swing Jacket, 94567, is graded by size from 29-33 inches. On the other hand, Ulla's Matte Jersey Jacket (love the shawl collar!) - 24546, comes in a standard 32 inch length. These jackets are both made of the same excellent, wrinkle resistant, easy to wear Matte Jersey fabric, and come in a range of beautiful colors that really make a wardrobe work-hard!

Why is it necessary to make both options?

Women carry weight differently, in different places. Each of these places affect how a top drapes, how it falls - how long it appears. For example, I take up 'length' by my large bust and tummy. One Forum member made the astute comment, that the V Neck Teal Chenille Sweater, 25556, I wore in Babe's Picks looks much shorter on me than the model. This is because my bust pulls the sweater out, thereby shortening the length. Other women take up length with extra weight on the back, midriff, hips or tush. 

Thankfully, Ulla offers both options. You'll know which one's right for you and then can streamline your picks. If you are shorter and don't want tops that are too long, you can choose tops that come in a standard length. However, if you are shorter but notice that where/how you carry weight causes the top to seem shorter than you'd like, you can choose the graded length options.

I know Ulla's design team, Diane and Alicia (and me too,) would appreciate your thoughts on this sizing issue.

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Anonymous said...

I love the that you post the lengths on your blouses. Lately ive notice most b;ouses are 32 in -ehich is way to long for a short 5 ft 3 person! id like to see 29-30 length. (Covers just enough)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! I know our design team values this type of info.

In fact, you may have seen my last post, Are You A Curvy Petite Diamond? - due to feedback such as this, we've added a few shorter inseam pants!

I'm not sure of your size but a few of our graded length styles begin at a 28 inch length:

Ulla's Iron-free Shirts, 24433, 24432 (great colors!) and on a casual note, Ulla's Dolman Sweatshirt, 94586.

Deb said...

It's gotten cooler in the area where I live & I am wearing my red Ulla Popken pea coat & I LOVE it!
I just want to say Thank You for your insight & assistance in helping me get the right choice, right color & right fit for me. You understand a womans body & you are a terrific stylist!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you love it!

You're going to reach for it for a long time to come:)