Monday, February 25, 2013

A Tonic of Accessories

Love this quote:  "Remember that always dressing in understated good taste is the same as playing dead." Susan Catherine 

Let's channel the wit and eye of the sardonic fashion writer, Susan Catherine, to follow-up on my previous post, in which the subject was beating the blahs. February isn't quite over yet, so let's talk about using accessories, jewelry specifically, to declare victory over the blahs and skyrocket your style.

First, identify your best colors. How? Select from a few items -- plus size tops or plus size dresses in colors you love. Next, hold one item at a time next to your face. Which item/color makes your eyes pop and sparkle, and makes your skin clear and luminescent? That's your best color!

Second, choose tonal accessories, especially jewelry. Yes, tonal accessories will layer, deepen and enrich the impact of your best color. Tonal jewelry will allow for variations of color and texture and provide opportunities to catch and distribute light on your face -- right where you want it.

Third, bigger is better. Frankly, it's what separates the WOMEN from the girls. Choose items that mix tonal colorations, metals, stones on a grand scale. This is where faux is formidable -- it renders jewelry an affordable, ageless ally and offers an instant focal point. Remember my formula of fade and focus, in other words to camouflage the negative and draw attention to the positive. 

Here's an example of how an inexpensive, but gorgeous, big-scale set of jewelry boosts your style quotient and becomes the focal point for three different outfits:

Paired with:
Ulla's Batik Beauty Sundress, 32246
Ulla's Floral Splash Duster Set, 32444
Ulla's Matte Jersey Empire Dress, 81207, in Leaf Multi.

Do you prefer the Blue Lagoon Necklace and Earrings worn together or separately?
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