Monday, December 18, 2006

2006 Wrap Up!

Everyone does it... you know... The Annual End-of-Year wrap up. It's the time of the year to look back and consider the Hits or Misses of 2006.

At Ulla Popken, we welcome customer comments and suggestions. Really! This is our opportunity to hear what you have to say about what we do well and what we can do better. So, don't be shy. Just click COMMENTS and start to share what's on your mind.

We appreciate it. Really!


Trendy Mom said...

I see that you have started to offer shoes in your spring 2007 catalog. I heard from a friend that tried a pair that they are really comfortable and she actually got the size right on the first try. Are they true to size? Has anyone else out there tried any? I need help deciding if I should try shoes through a catalog company - this is not something I would usually do. But I do have a wide foot and wides are sure hard to find!
Thanks for your help!

kate said...

Two comments:

1/ I love your clothes--except I have a problem with the pants with elastic waist, and skirts with elastic waist: the size fits, but the elastic is always too loose. A skirt fell OFF me after being worn all day. It's brand new but I can't wear it. As I said I love the styles and the fits are fine, but not that elastic. It always seems too loose and in this case "dangerously" so. I hope you can pass that on to the designers.

2/ Could you offer space on the site where items are listed for people to rate them? Most stores offer this now, and it probably helps sales because people can see other people's raves about the item.

Cat said...

I think I ordered less from Ulla Popken this year than in years past due to one outstanding thing... sequins and messy embelishment. While I understand beading, sequins and other mess was "hot" this year, I really found it off-putting. I would spot something on the to see more information and was suddenly disappointed to find that it was overrun with sparkles. If I were of a small stature, I may appreciate the sparkles when crossing the street to warn off oncoming traffic, but I'm not -- I'm large enough where people notice me sans-glitter.

Another item that I found off-putting - awesome items that I find are only carried up to size 24/26. Although this is a rarity at Ulla, it's nonetheless disappointing. For instance, the pretty genuine suede shacket. I ~know~ cows are larger than me, so the suede should come in sizes that can accomodate my girth. Other large size companies have started doing this more and more. Sil*houettes is an example. It's VERY disppointing to think that while the whole thrust of a large size clothing company is to provide ~fashionable~ or ~stylish~ clothing for fat women, I'm reminded that I'm TOO fat to be accomodated by the more fashionable items. Yeah, disppointing. Did I say that, yet?

Anonymous said...

What you get right:

Lovely fabrics. The 93% viscose rayon/7% spandex IS THE MOST AMAZING FABRIC THAT I HAVE EVER OWNED, hands down.

You offer a WIDE variety of clothing from yoga pants and t-shirts for hanging around the house, to formal holiday party clothing. Well done.

What you get wrong (sometimes):

When I order a new season's outfits, I quite frankly OVER-ORDER. I'm a size 32/34 and regardless of what the website states, I never know what's going to be in stock (especially if it's on sale). So I order one of EVERYTHING that I'm even mildly interested in.

When the big box arrives, I try every thing on. What doesn't look simply fabulous gets shipped back. It's an expensive outlay, but it saves frustration and multiple shipping charges.

A side note about fabrics: LUREX is no one's friend. Ew.

All-in-all, Ulla Popken is amazing.

Karen Doltz, San Diego, CA

CindyZ said...

I love shoes -- it's so good to have something with a little style and color. I'll be sure to check out Ulla Popken's wide width shoes for spring and summer.

Marge in DC said...

So, you want to know what I like and don't like? What I really want to see is slimming, classic, clothes for plus sizes. With a fixed budget I have to look for things that I can dress up or down and wear for years to come. Good fabric and quality is really important to me.
I need to have some easy-care, 3 season career wear with shirts and tops for the office. The trendy things are nice. But I start with the wardrobe basics

Anonymous said...

hello -- I ;ove Ulla's trendy, unique plus-size fashions, particularly the 'Ulla Inspiration' line. I have been shopping with Ulla for some years. I need some great belts. A few years back, Ulla sold a great belts in black and brouwn leather, about 1 1/2" with brushed nickel buckles. They work well with jeans or tailored pants/skirts. I lost my brown one and have not found any comparable. Can you please offer those again? Thanks

Tina G. said...

Ditto exactly what Marge in DC says!

Catherine said...

The new spring fashions are perfection! Hard to pick from all the wonderful fabrics and looks. Maybe if I bought one item every two weeks or so... I might be happy.

Tina G, said...

Hey Ya'll,

Update your blog more frequently, ok?

Anonymous said...

I get the emails religiously. I would buy heaps - because variety of large sizes in Sydney is lousy.

But I am in Australia and Ulla doesn't ship to Australia!!!Does anyone know of a large size clothing group that will ship to Sydney Australia?

Anonymous said...

amen on hating sequins and shiny stuff all over a great garment. except for evening wear, your great clothing does not need this junque. and it itches...

i am handicapped and in a chair all the time. i love that you have great looking dresses that don't bind and are cotton. especially the caftany things. i can wear good looking things and not worry about sliding out onto the floor, as happens with polyester, etc. and they last! i have had one caftany thing for years and it still looks great.

whatever happened to the silkscreen-type tees mad of polyester and rayon (65:35)? that was a great fabric and also those were great designs. i still have all of mine.

sequins, booooo!


Anonymous said...

ok the palazzo denim are cute on small girls but on ladies like myself it makes them look huge I bought 2 pair thinking that it wouldnt flair so much but all you see is a big mess from the waist down...... if your going to do palazzo do it with spandex great I have severall pair and they are thinning as well....

Anonymous said...

I live in Hawaii and have a difficult time buying plus size clothing. I just returned from Europe and was so please to find one of youe stores in almost every city that I visited.
1. your clothes almost always fit!
2. the fabrics are always perfect for the Hawaii climate.
3. your sleeves are always good size and lengeth.
4. I am not always crazy about the patterns or the color choices.

I am happy I found you and will be shopping with you for a long time!