Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday, Monday!

And -- only 20 Shopping Days until Christmas! Are you feelin' the pressure? I sure am.

It's good to know that I can still shop on line and get my order(s) delivered in time for the Holiday.
In fact, I can wrap up my Gift Buying and catch the Panthers/Eagles Monday Night Football kick-off. This is sounding pretty good ... much better than cruising the mall lots for a parking spot and hoping to find the right thing for Nana (and me).


hondolover said...

I am sick and tired of getting back order notices and then finding out the item is never going to appear at all.

To add insult to injury, it's still listed on the website.

This is no way to treat customers.

You either are going to have the item at some point or not - keeping me hanging on is not an answer.

Ulla Blogger said...
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Ulla Blogger said...

Backorders are frustrating for everyone. We would love to fill each order -- and that is what we try to do! At Ulla Popken, we do our best to anticipate the inventory we will need for each item. Sometimes we fall short -- and we do our best to ship backorders as soon as possible. In the meantime, they stay open for 90 days.
Items are listed on the site if we have inventory in any color/size or expect to have more in the near future.
Your comments are very important and will be read by all. Thanks for blogging

Trendy Mom said...

Well, I surely am not any good at this blog activity. I tried to leave a comment on this and I could not do it - I must have done something wrong so here I go again. I know how you feel about backordered items. I have had a rain check for over one month now for a Christmas present for my boys. Of course the store to this day still does not have any and does not know when they will be getting any in stock! Well, I guess that Christmas present is not going under the tree for them. I wonder if it is worth it to wait and be glad if it does come or just give up!