Monday, June 15, 2009

Latest Trends!

Your requests for longer tops have been answered with trend tunics! We at Ulla Popken think this Moody Blue Batik Tunic (#94431) is an amazing look for the trendy plus size woman! This tunic’s fun design and multiple colors are the perfect transition from summer to fall. Check out all of Ulla’s tunics at our website in our tunic category under blouses.

Our trend tunics are the perfect length, measuring at least 32” across all sizes. What is your favorite top length? Why?


Dinah Williams said...

You don't know how happy I am that others are requesting longer tops. I have been frustrated that you are sizing your length in tops with sizes. I wear a 24-26 usually, but looking at the range, I won't be able to get a 32" top any more. I have absolutely not bought things that I would have purchased before when you had so many more 32" tops. That was one of your signatures and I loved it! Please expand your range again to 32" in all the tops that you used to do including all the t-shirts. By the way, your spring catalog was wonderful--the best in a long time. Unfortunately, I didn't order soon enough and when I went to order you were out of all the tops I loved. Please bring those tunic type shirts back again.

Susieq said...

I'm long waisted and the minimum length I wear is 30 inches but, I prefer 32-34. Anything shorter than that looks ridiculous on me. When I shop I look for Tunics first so I will be more likely to find the longer lengths.

I love the clothing I have purchased from Ulla Popken but, would like to see more information. For example, woven material doesn't stretch so bust and hip measurements would help a lot in finding the correct size. And some items just beg to have a photo of the back.

My biggest beef with most Plus size clothing catalogs is the skinny models. I like seeing clothes I may want to buy modeled by a larger woman. Even a size 28-30.

Anonymous said...

31 - 32" because i have a longer torso than legs

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dinah longer tops short ones just do not work.

Carol Harry said...

I am really frustrated that so many of the summer things are sleeveless. Really cute, but sleeveless. I don't know many plus size ladies that are comfortable showing their upper arms. Please look at showing more short sleeved options next time!

Tanja said...

The top showed in this post is adorable, I really like the pattern and shape of it.

I agree with Carol, sleeveless is very uncomfortable for many plus size women, including myself. I'm trying very hard to find cute short sleeved shirts that are summerish. But what I find equally annoying is sleeves with elastic or bands around the upper arm, putting emphasis on what is not my best feature.

I mentioned those elastic bands on my blog in January, as I write about fashion now and then. I also have an Ulla Popken link on my blog.

I enjoy reading all the comments about fashion, really appreciate this blog!


Anonymous said...

My desired length for a top is 34 inches, it covers my very robust (giggle) stomach! Make more of the tops longer than 32 please, please, please.

Jane said...

32" tops are my absolute minimum. Many larger women, like me, need the extra length to cover their stomachs. I also agree with Dinah. I've lost a little weight and I'm almost between sizes. But if I go down a size to 24-26, my choices are going to be severely limited to the tops that are 32" in all sizes, which will be very disappointing.

Stacey said...

Hey Ulla -

Love your clothing company! Still totally enjoying the black faux lambswool winter jacket I bought a few years ago.

Please keep the tunics coming! And in pretty pastels. I notice you seem to favor dense cranberries, browns, and mustards which I'm not a fan of.

Also love the longer (32 inch) tops and PLEASE cease and desist with all the sleeveless and cap-sleeve stuff. It's the main reason why I veto buying a blouse I'm otherwise in love with.


Anonymous said...

that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time