Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calling All Fashionista's!

We know you are out there, ladies who love fashion and love clothes. Here is your chance to share your favorite fashion tips! Let us know what Ulla items you LOVE, and how you incorporate the latest fashions into your everyday style!

Plaid has made its mark on the runway for Fall/Winter '09, what other runway style would you like to see Ulla adopt?


Anonymous said...

Im a fan of layering, but in the summer heat I dont like the feel of too many layers. I love the clothes that LOOK like you are wearing 2 shirts but its only the weight of 1 :)

Anonymous said...

I really like long shirts I am so glad tunics are in!!! They are so versatile, you can wear with jeans or leggings (which I am still trying to work up the nerve to wear!)The best part is you can wear it to work on a friday and just bring a change of shoes for dinner/drinks later.

alanah said...

Why cant Ulla ship to australia ... there are so many things on the website I would just love to buy

Hollie said...


Thank you for your interest in our company. At the time we do not ship outside of the continental United States. However, we appreciate your kind words and if we do expand our shipping we will certainly let you know!

Anonymous said...

I love classic button down shirts for work, however, I do have specifications: stretch, and COLOR!! I love to see a pop of color in the mist of boring pant suits.
Thanks for asking Ulla

Anonymous said...

Please more colors for #52518, I know I ask all the time for new colors.But it is my favorite tee shirt.

Hollie said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your blog comment! Ulla's buying team has been listening to many customer requests for more colors, and have answered by offering #52518 in three new colors for spring!


Again thanks for your comment, and I hope you enjoy the new colors we have added!

Anonymous said...

Since I have short limbs and smallish bust and shoulders, clothing that is "all over" big never works for me. Petite lengths are pretty rare in women's styles that I like. I almost always have to take in tucks, shorten sleeves and pant legs. Consequently, I make do with a much smaller wardrobe than I'd like. Life's too busy to have to re-build every ready-to-wear item I purchase.

I want SWING! MORE SWING! On a TRAPEZE, if possible! Tunic lengths tops. Fabrics with enough flow and/or body to skim hip and tummy. Casual and sporty styles. Deeper, earthier colors that look sophisticated. Oh, PLEASE!

Summer pastels are a drag – I feel like a brightly-painted house. Plus, I need long sleeves in summer to protect from sun damage. (More reasons for my small wardrobe.)

(By the way, what's with all the bubble sleeves lately? I'm concerned that they make all but the most petite women look bigger.)

Stacey said...

Thanks for doing plaid. It's totally fun for fall.

Ulla & Co - Please keep the tunics coming, and the longer shirts. The absolute most flattering look for a woman of any size are 3/4 sleeves. Elegant and stylish and all-season appropriate.

And more pastels please!

Stacey Morris

Anonymous said...

Would you please consider making a button down the front shirtwaist dress in an A-line style in many different colors? These would fit many larger people and would be so easy to accessorize and would be flattering to the larger figure. Thank you!

buyingteam said...

Anonymous -
Let us know more about this shirt dress you are looking for - length - fabric? We have had several through out the years but we have not been able to get any to sell! Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

I second the request for tops with a little swing or aline -- us pears need that extra bit in the hips.

Lvoe the 3/4 sleeve, because always need to shorten long sleeves.

Anonymous said...

more lined jackets, please. They hang better and look more professional at the office.