Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It's Your Chance!

Now is your chance to ask us at Ulla a question that has been on your mind. Maybe you have been wondering where our last photo shoot took place, or what it is like to work here! Maybe you have a comment, suggestion or idea on how we could improve our catalog.

We are all ears, lay it on us!


Oneida said...

When are you going to open a store in the U.S. again? Really hoping it'll be on the West Coast!

Hollie said...

Dear Oneida,

Thank you for your question. Sorry to say we do not have any current plans to open a store in the U.S. again.

However, we will certainly keep your suggestion of the West Coast in mind!

Thank you for your question.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to get in any new tee's ,new colors ???????

Hollie said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am glad you asked about our tees. We will be offering some new tee colors in our fall preview catalog, out in July.

Our new 3/4 sleeve tee colors, in addition to the colors you already love, item #21510:
* Slate Blue
* Burgundy

Our new long sleeve tee colors, in addition to the colors you already love, item #74580:
* Glacier
* Vine Green
* Plum

Thank you for the question!

junebuggnc said...

I would like to know when you are going to bring back your classic 5-pocket jeans that you had a few years ago. Those are my favorite jeans and I'm wearing them into tatters. There is no other place that I can find classic 5-pocket jeans in plus sizes (30+ sizes).

Please, please, please bring this style of jeans back, Please!!!!

Hollie said...

Dear junebuggnc,

We are still offering some of the Stretch Demin Marilyn Tapered Jeans in either short or tall. They are in our Outlet section of the webpage. Item numbers 54831 & 54833. They have been reduced to $9.99, and we will no longer be carrying them once we sell out of our current stock.

However, I was intouch with our buying department and they let me in on a new jean we will be carrying this coming Fall (available late summer). They are a 4 pocket jean available in either straight leg or bootcut. They do not have stretch, but they are made from a lighter weight demin. If you are interested I would suggest to look for them in our fall catalog (or online!)

Hope this helps!

junebuggnc said...

Still talking about the jeans. I think the style I love was the style before the Marilyn Tapered jeans. They were a heavier jean material with only 5% spandex, classic 5 pocket style, no design, no stitching, so sequins, no nothing, nada. I've never found a jean before in plus sizes like them. I've had to have the holes in them patched because I don't want to give them up. I'll take a look at your new style that's coming, I just wish you'd bring back that plain classic style.

Thanks for replying...

junebuggnc said...

I was also wondering about cargo shorts. I can't find any plus size cargo shorts that are the more classic masculine style. Just thought I might mention that. Would be nice to find those too.

Thanks for listening.