Monday, May 03, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board!

Its that time again, we would like to know how we can improve. We know you have been thinking it, so please feel free to let us know!

How can Ulla Popken improve?


Anonymous said...

As I am a woman in a wheelchair (MS) I've gained weight. But as I've been a clothes horse all my life, I am picky about the quality, and style of what I wear. Once I found my correct size in your dresses, and that took awhile (and you were very helpful) found that I wear a 12/14. A size that I certainly can't wear in anyone elses clothing line, so your things run large, then I was okay. Your skirts I need to buy far larger though, but now I know. Yes, sitting in a chair can turn one into a pear, to be sure.

What would I like to see more of? Organic cotton, for one thing. More summer dresses with a bit of a sleeve, to cover the upper arm, and not all sleeveless, where one has to wear a little sweater to cover one's upper 'Oprah' arms! And more little light weight sweaters, or shrugs. More simple styles, and less bright, huge prints. I guess they are good for some large women, and I realize that you're trying to make everyone happy, but some of your prints are, well, not to my liking at least. Less 'do dads' on things, unless they are dressy dresses. No sequins on T-Shirts. Also more basics. V-neck T's, Crew neck T's, U-necked T's, in short, 3/4 or long sleeves. I'd also love to see some T's and simple cotton dresses, garment dyed, with several color choices. Perhaps some, a bit more muted. I don't know how all larger ladies feel, but I don't want to look like a huge bright pear shaped purple plum when I enter a room in a purple dress! The empire waist dress is a good look for the larger woman, as you well know, so how about a few more simple, perhaps garment dyed ones, or even natural dyed, that a person ... such as myself, can grab and put on instead of jeans. Since I can no longer stand, I can no longer wear jeans, or pants at all. As an old 'hippy' lady, 56, but not looking it, or wanting to dress as some 56 year old women do, I love the Boho look, and hope it continues, with it's tiered look, either in a skirt, or in an empire waist dress, and embroidered tops.

Ulla Popken is by far the best place for the larger size woman to buy her clothes. Your fabric is lovely. Most of your cotton is still 100% cotton. Please, keep it that way! The other companies out there, selling larger sized clothing, do not sell the quality of clothing that you do. I thank you for being here. I also realize that you're not in the 'specialty clothing' business, for the disabled, but I think I can speak for most disabled women, when I say that we want to wear good looking, stylish, well made 'regular' clothing, for just as long as we possibly can, and with your clothing, I've found that I can do that, but a few more choices would be nice!

Anonymous said...

Use plus size models so we can really see how the clothes will look. Dare to be different than others; the rewards will be worth the effort.

Hollie said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for your comments and kind words!

I was in touch with our Director of Merchandising and have gotten word that we will be adding some t-shirt dresses for our Spring 2011 collection which will be out in December.

Again, we thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful day!

Beverly said...

While I am not in a wheelchair, I would echo every single thing anonymous said. Also, I appreciate her descriptions and humor.

More organic, pigment dyed, tops perhaps with some evocative images the way Bluefish used to do instead of garish prints.

In my dreams, I yearn for a pique tunic top. Over 20 years ago I bought two from some catalog. One was ruined and one disappeared. This tunic is my 'great white whale'. It would have a small pocket over the heart, either a shirt tail bottom or a back that is two inches longer than the front for butt coverage. NO COLLAR. Why are polo shirts the only items made with this ubiquitous fabric? 3/4 or long sleeve, vee neck. Oh, how lovely life would be should such appear next season, in a host of colors: weathered pigment dyed, all cotton.

Anonymous said...

I really like European sizing, if you added more that would be great for me. The EU sizing seems to favor larger bustlines and narrower/slimmer legs and hips . Also, PLEASE get the satin flip front tank back in sand color.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your v-neck wonderful 100 % cotton and it is long enough so a plus size tall can enjoy but please come back with the popsicle colors last year the fairy green and periwinlke ble were fantastic and sold out early. Now we have only mundane ordinary to choose from. All you things are updated please do some more fresh up to date colors for next spring DO NOT CHANGE THE Shirt it is wonderful!
Chek out the Brooks bros colors for this summer.
This summers green dosen't go with anything I have to send it back!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see reviews by other customers, so I can see sizing tips, etc..

Hollie said...

We do offer customer reviews of each item we offer on our webpage!
On the item page click the 'Customer Review' tab (right next to More Info)

We hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

I am plus size senior gal..carry most of my weight in hips, tummy & thighs. I purchased Palazzo denim & black twill several years ago..the denium was my go to pant because they were so comfortable and they still look great(last year-I lost about 45 lbs so had the pants altered) Still plus size but I need a smaller leg denium (like wide but not as big as the pair I have) I think I need a trouser dark denium jean, but I cannot find jeans that will look slimming & still hide the areas that I do not want so revealing..Do you think the bootcut will not be a good choice for my shape? So HELP!

Babe Hope said...

Palazzo denim and black twill slacks? Let me check and see what I can recommend? Feel free to email me directly at - that will allow me to see your email address and email back accordingly.

Babe Hope said...

Got jeans?!?
Yes! The Boot Leg Jeans (#11841)are soft, dark washed, flat waisted and have a full, boot leg cut which will flatter.

That said, stay tuned, Diane, our VP of Merchandising is developing a VERY fashionable denim collection! Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new pieces!