Monday, February 21, 2011

GIVE-AWAY! What I Look For In An Anchor Piece


I love this pink jacket! This jacket is a great example of an anchor piece, it is also what I call a go-to item, and they often overlap.

I look for three things in an anchor piece:

  1. It has the muscle to be the backbone of many outfits, and can reach across the different facets of my lifestyle: casual, career and special occasion.
  2. It is a go-to item, it flatters every time.
  3. Its coloration and fabrication make it easy to identify the right accessories.

Here’s why the Sparkle Stretch Knit Jacket, which I’m wearing in this video, works for me.

  1. It has the muscle to work with one of my three signature looks: the long, uninterrupted column of black underneath (tank top and skirt or slacks,) giving me casual, career and dressy options. It will also work with a white lace tank top and jeans.
  2. It is cut well and the fabric drapes lean but doesn’t cling: flattering princess seaming, vertical lines of detail (seams and buttons) both of which are emphasized by leaving the jacket partially open.
  3. The fabric is shot with a gold metallic thread so I know that gold jewelry will accessorize well and the pink color flows right into the coordinating print floral scarf, which together, polish the outfit.

An anchor piece doesn’t have to be a jacket, but let’s consider these top pieces for now, each one could be a go-to item:


Ulla Popken is pleased to give away your choice of one of these items to the first ten bloggers to respond to All we ask in return, is you review the product and share your review within 30 days. It's that simple. Reviews should be sent to We'll post the reviews on Talking It U.P.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear from you. Please post what you look for in an anchor piece or any questions you may have regarding this topic.



heavenlygurl said...

At this time in my life, I've changed from basic black anchor pieces to what I call "neutral color" like white, gold, khaki or even red. i have this dark red wool jacket that I've worn lots this winter. It adds total punch to most any outfit that I wear. My anchor piece has to work at a moment's notice and make me look great too like your pink jacket... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi heavenlygurl,
Thank you for reminding us to think "outside the black!" I hope you'll select one of the pieces I mentioned in the post to add to your anchor collection. Please email me at and we'll hook you right up!

Carla said...

Love the look! And you look great!

Gwen said...

That pink is great and a somewhat uncommon color for a jacket. I like it.

AuntieAnnie said...

I go for basic black in my anchor. I have three pair of black pants that fit absolutely beautifully. I pair the pants with jackets and tops in tone on tone or coordinating colors. I love Ulla Popken clothes for their fit and durability.

Jen S said...

Not sure if my previous comment posted. I have never thought of something bright as an anchor piece but thank you for the inspiration to go bright!

Dymone said...

Growing up a "Heavy Girl" I always thought that wearing black and dark colors would make me look slimmer or at least hide my flaws. So as I got older, I continued that myth. But now that I am older and much wiser, I have learned to broaden my horizons and color choices. I was always afraid of Dots and Stripes because of my size. But I have finally gotten out of that shell, and I Love Bold Colors and Stripes and Dots..and I have fallen in Love with the fact that I can accessorize my new outfits. So "Thank You" for showing us that just because we wear a larger size, we can still be sexy,classy and most of all beautiful at any size.

much afraid said...

I am adding more Ulla Popken pieces to my wardrobe because I find the fit and styling to be complimentary to my shape. I don't have any anchor pieces from Ulla so far, because I've been budgeting to splurge on something. This jacket would be a great addition!

Anne said...

I love Ulla Popken. I use black as my base too - I pair black pants usually with a great tunic or a tone one tone jacket and top - sometimes with a scarf, sometimes with jewelry that I design and make (annepomeroydixon blog)

Monique Amburgey said...

I love Ulla Popken, I went on a cruise last March and bought all my new clothes from I like to anchor my clothes with black bottoms or cream colored tops. Thanks Ulla for all your great clothes.

Brooe said...

Loved your book and so happy to see you here with Ulla Popken. Your advice is just wonderful, and I often think of you while in the store dressing room or my bedroom closet. "Would Babe approve?"
Must admit that my anchor pieces always revolve around black and then go with a different color in my top or jacket to add some color and pop!

Loretta Snell said...

I read your comments on the pink jacket. I have been doing this for years, using a bright color, with neutrals. I must admit, black is still my favorite basic. A bright flower print, watercolor, stripe, or different texture all work on a jacket. Lately I love scarves. They add color and keep your neck warm, expecially in a cool air conditioned restaurant. Since gold is so high now I think LARGE silver jewlery can be a basic too. Earrings, necklace, bracelet combos spiff up an outfit really well. Don't be afraid of big. It makes a statement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Top Ten---
heavenlygurl, Carla, Gwen, AuntieAnnie, Jen S., Dymone, much afraid, Anne, Monique and Loretta---

Let's have a pretty party!

Please email me the following information (
1. Name and mailing address
2. Item selected from the Anchor Piece post.
3. Size requested.

Your new anchor piece will be on its way to you shortly and I'll follow-up through email.


Cathy said...

I would love to review an anchor piece. I have several pieces that I
use all the time and a nice jacket is always welcomed in my wardrobe!

Leesa said...

Just wanted you to know that I love every piece I own from Ulla Popken! I would LOVE to have any piece you choose to send me. What info do you need from me?


Anonymous said...

As I reflect on these comments, I am uplifted by the collective wisdom represented.

Insights like:
New neutral colors can become more exciting and add punch to any outfit...

Pink Jacket?!? Love It!

Pairing well-fitted black slacks with jackets and tops that are tone on tone...

Inspiration to go bright...

Sexy, classy and beautiful at any size...

An anchor piece is a worthy splurge...

Knowing yourself: I like to anchor my clothes with...

Don't be afraid of big. It makes a statement...

It seems to me that the bloggers this week have turned the pity party into a pretty party.

Nancy said...

I LOVE Ulla Popken clothes.... I got married on board the Caribbean Princess in January of 2005 in a Ulla Popken Dove Grey three piece skirted suit. It was ELEGANT!!

Cathy said...

Cathy's Review:
Good Morning Babe:

Here is my review of the Shawl Collar Matte Jersey Jacket in Multi:

First, I must say that the Shawl Collar Matte Jersey Jacket (in Multi) was lovely right out of the mailing envelope. Due to the matte jersey material, the packing wrinkles literally fell away before my eyes. You can't help but love something that requires little to no ironing! The next thing to catch my attention was the beautiful, subtle color variations of the pattern. It's much more dimensional in person with a lovely color play of the grey, black and creamy white. Although the pattern might be considered bold by some, it is also subtle and can easily be dressed up or down. The sleeves are loose enough to skim over your arm, their length perfect for work or highlighting a nice bracelet or watch. The overall length of the jacket is great too, covering "problem" areas without clinging due to the nature of the jersey material. It's the perfect layering piece, providing a light sweater comfort level, a great anchor piece.

I have worn the jacket two ways (so far) - first to Sunday service with black slacks and a silver grey shell and pumps and then with dark washed jeans, a 3/4 black T and pewter flats to work. With both looks I received many compliments on the fit and fashion of the jacket. The jacket did not wrinkle at all, so I looked as fresh walking in the door at 8 p.m. as I did when I left in the morning. I think the jacket would be the perfect traveling companion on any vacation - I can see myself wearing it with the black matte jersey dress and a lovely strand of pearls for any party, or with white capri pants and a white shell on a cool Summer evening equally well.

Overall I think that this jacket is exceptional - good price, great fit, nice lines, easily dressed up or down and wrinkle free - what more could you ask for in an anchor piece!

Babe, thanks for hosting the giveaway and opportunity to review an anchor piece, I couldn't be happier with the jacket I chose to receive.

Have a great day,

G.G. said...

Anchor Piece Review from G.G.
Animal Print Jacket:

I recently received the red animal print jacket in the fantastic review give away. It was clear from the time i opened it that the quality is fantastic, the cut is very pretty but a bit on the small side. I found it fit a bit small in the shoulders. I got a lot of compliments on it from other ladies around me. I love it a lot, I love the color and the print, the only draw back i find in the style is the giant sparkly buttons, i found that they were just a bit too much. I was pleasantly surprised that it fit so well across the bust.

I felt that the jacket while it was amazing and definitely an excellent anchor piece, was not the most practical for my lifestyle, if it were atleast washer friendly and hang to dry it would be much better, I know that i will wear this a lot regardless, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to have this beautiful piece in my closet :)

Zoe said...

Zoe's Review of the Sheer Abstract Watercolor Tunic Duster (Style # 11442)

Prepare to accept compliments!

That's what I do every time I wear the sheer watercolor tunic duster. So many colors! It goes with everything, and jazzes up some sleepy outfits I have hanging in my closet. Light, long, and comfortable, this duster is elegant with black pants or a gray sheath dress. Over a white tee, the pastel tones brighten and the subtle beads and sequins really catch the light (and the eyes of my friends). A long time Ulla Popken fan, I am so happy with this anchor piece, the new star of my wardrobe.

Thank you, Ulla Popken, for shaping my style!


Jen said...

Jen's Review of the Matte Jersey Shawl Collar Jacket (Style # 11568)

I love this piece!!! Being 6 feet tall I loved how the sleeves were actually long enough for me.

This truly is an anchor piece it went from jeans to dress pants to dresses without a problem!

Never before have I received such compliments on an article of clothing! It flowed, draped nicely and never felt uncomfortable or binding.

My only complaints were very small. Because I wear a lot of tanks and short sleeves I noticed that the seam that went around the lower part of the arm was really annoying. I constantly think something has crawled up it! The cuffs on the sleeves also have a tendency to flip over and look wrong. Oh yes the tag was beyond nasty. It had to come off before it wore a hole in my neck!

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to try one of your amazing products1


Gilda said...

Review of the Stone Detail Stretch Top (# 11578)
I love this piece! First let me say it was not something I would ordinarily have picked for myself, which tells me I need to think 'outside the box' a little more when shopping. Even my son commented on my "pretty buttons."

About those "buttons": The stones around the neckline serve two purposes. They eliminate the need for jewelry, and they draw the eye up to the face, where I can use makeup to accentuate what I want to and minimize what I don't.

The fabric itself is very nice, neither too thick nor too thin, and very soft.

So far I have only used it for everyday wear, because as a stay-at-home mom that is my normal routine. But I can easily see this as my go-to piece for a night out with black pants or a skirt.

I love my new top!

Carla said...

Carla's Review of the Sparkle Stretch Knit Jacket (#11565)

I loved the Pink Jacket. It looks great with pants or a skirt! The sparkle adds a fun edge I love!
Thanks so much for this great giveaway!