Monday, May 02, 2011

Girlfriends - I need your help!

Our son’s high school graduation is a month away and I need to pick a great outfit! I want to look elegant, sleek and pretty; I want to feel good in what I wear.

To do that, I must select an outfit that is well-designed – namely, one that minimizes visual weight, which is the illusion that the body is larger than it really is. Visual weight is often created through the use of saturated color and extra fabric in terms of the fullness and length of the style.

You may know what I look like from my U.P. Life pictures and videos, and therefore what you think would be flattering, but please keep in mind “visual weight” and a couple of other considerations too: it will be very warm and I prefer to keep my upper arms covered.

I’ve narrowed it to three outfits that I love.

I’m really hoping for some advice here. I’d love to hear your opinions and especially if you’ve had any first-hand experience with any of these three outfits, or similar Ulla styles. More the better if you’d care to share some photos!


Feel good in what you wear!


cbk said...

I really like all three looks but think for the long, lean look you're going for, the crinkle dress and duster would be a good choice. It really lends itself to dressing up or down. The jacket is sheer enough not to lend extra weight where you don't want it. With the right accessories you could elongate the look. I think a long silver necklace and dangling earrings would draw the eye in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it would be a great "canvas" for spectacular jewelry too!

The jacket is very soft and feminine and appears more sheer than it really is (if that makes sense).

Anonymous said...

Very insightful - continue to spread your message.

Debra said...

With your insight, I know you will look GREAT in whatever you choose.
I like the Three Piece Duster and Pants (#52814).
Pants give a slenderizing look, the duster, allows light to pass through so adding to an airy & cool feel to the outfit.

Anonymous said...

You're right, the 3-piece outfit has a fluid, light quality and will probably help me stay cool - that's true. I think about getting over-heated and looking wilted :)

Mimi said...

Consider color first, then comfort (will it be a scorching hot day?) and then the overall fashion and style. The pictures of you with your son on his graduation day will be out there in the world for a long long time. If he is wearing s bright yellow graduation gown over his street clothing, then consider black, white, beige, or a floral that may have a bit of that color in it also. Sounds nutty but unless you are filming and photographing in black and white, your photos will either reflect a harmonious family or the center ring at Circus World. Remember also that photos end up being cropped to feature faces, not back ground scenery. What the world will see is your very proud smiling face next to your son, your hair, shoulders and neck. So what do we know now? That your clothing neckline should be flattering On You, your choice of earrings and necklace should suit you-not too "trendy", not too bland, and that your hair style should be fresh and work well with your face shape. No one will see your shoes. The black dress and duster shown here is something you will wear over and over- if you are taller and wear that style. If you are shorter, don't wear a camping tent worth of fabric. Find something, like a sheath dress, that flatters your body and height and maybe add a shorter shear jacket over it. Enjoy this day and tell your son how incredibly proud you are of his achievement!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How lucky I am to be connected to women like you, Mimi! Now, I want to think about it some more. Great advice!!!

Nancy said...

I would skip the Chocolate fress...too dressy for a graduation but eiher of the other two would be very nice. I tend to lean towards pants so the 3 piece duster set is really pretty. The other thing to consider is whether or not you'll be sitting outside in the sun. Both outfits are black, so that may pose a problem in the direct sunlight. But if you are indoors, I think you would be gorgeous in the 3 piece set with your coloring and everyone is right about the weight. The dress set looks a little heavier although its probably not....I just like the coloring in the duster.

Anonymous said...

Yes! The coloration of the duster is beautiful and I have great turquoise jewelry!

The graduation will be held outside if the weather holds!