Monday, January 16, 2012

Until I Lose Weight - NOT!

Those pants won't look good until I lose weight. How often has that tape circulated in my mind? Too often!

I was blessed with 'thunder thighs." No, it's true. When I was younger and played tennis, volleyball and softball, I got great strength from my lower half and it helped me compete successfully. But that was m-a-n-y years ago.

Now, I have to give extra thought to the pants I choose and I have often stayed away from leggings for that reason. Some of the sound bites that ran through my head were, "Gee, I love the look of leggings and I wish I could wear them" or "Those leggings won't look good until I lose weight." or "Only thin women get to wear leggings - unfair!" Well guess what, I didn't lose any weight and the shape and size of my thighs have remained the same.

That said, here's a picture of me wearing plus size bottoms, leggings, specifically. I made choices that made a great pair of leggings work for me.

I chose:
  • a longer, flashy top, to draw attention upward.
  • hot accessories to steal the show.
  • the boot cut legging to balance larger thighs.
  • a legging fabric that has great weight and stretch to keep things smooth. (14621, Stretch Ponte Boot Cut Knit Leggings)
  • a color that was deep and neutral (they come in gray and black)

The rub, so to speak, wasn't about "Those pants won't look good until I lose weight," but rather in making smart choices to pick the right pair of plus size womans leggings and make them look good on me here and now.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about sound bites like - "Those pants won't look good until I lose weight."

Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger
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Debby said...

Wow Babe, I can't believe those are leggings you are wearing in your Jan 16th photo. Thanks for your recommendations,good fabric, boot cut, long top, accessories, are such a help to me. I can't tell you how many times I have said "I can't wear that"

Anne said...

After seeing you in your January 16 post, you have me believing I CAN wear leggings. It helps to see someone my size making the most of this style of clothes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ladies!!
The best part of these leggings is that it has opened my mind and I'm willing to try some styles that I previously avoided.

Thanks for commenting!

Marie said...

Your expertise & insight have helped me dismiss some of my negative "sound bites" & encourage me to consider different styles. For example, I had not realized a boot cut to balance larger thighs might flatter me better than another style. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Yes, boot cut bottoms are great! Our Stretch Denim Button Zip Boot-Leg Jeans have 1% stretch and may be worth trying as well. They are item #14823.

Lynn said...

I'm a fan of your blog because I see that you really know what we are thinking & you know how to dress a plus size woman. Many times I've thought to myself "I can't wear that". Your suggestion regarding "fabric weight & stretch to keep things smooth" makes me re-think leggings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Ulla has many options regarding leggings. Even when the weather gets warmer, I tend to like the coverage of the Ponte Knit (featured in this post.)

The great part about buying from Ulla online is that most items are available all year long!
Thanks for your thoughtful words!