Monday, January 02, 2012

Finding the Energy to Move Forward, Beautifully

One of the most bizarre things about working in the fashion industry is how much in advance of the season we plan or even photograph a collection. We took the pictures for Babe's Picks for Spring in November. Frankly, my heart and mind was filled with the Holidays.

That being said, I just saw the new lay-out for Babe's Picks and I can't tell you how happy it made me, it actually put a spring in my step. The clothing is so fresh, colorful and energized and the fabrics are soft, upscale and lean. Thinking about it for a while, I realized, sometimes I need a push to move forward. One of my New Year's resolutions is to intuit good energy around me, 'wear it' and allow it to move me forward. Where can you find that 'good energy' though?

Let's talk about 'wearing good energy' for a moment, both metaphorically and literally. As a metaphor, it inspires me to be attuned to positive vibes from people, places and things, and thereby uplift my attitude, my presence and my impact in my own small corner of the world. Literally, it raises my fashion quotient which I then parlay to do much of the same, uplift my attitude, my presence and my impact in the world. Here's my recipe, and the best part is that you can uplift yourself, that is, find 'good energy' right in your closet:

  • Choose an empowering silhouette, one that flatters and propels you fashion-forward.
  • Choose color that uplifts your skin tone and spirit.
  • Choose sensuous accessories that make you feel pretty and feminine.
  • Choose cuts and fabrics that help you to be comfortable in your own skin.

As we go forth in the New Year, what's your recipe for wearing 'good energy?'

Happy New Year!

Ulla Popken Blogger & Stylist

Feel good in what you wear!


Debra said...

Babe, Thanks for the "Spring" words of advice. My wardrobe is often the same over the years & through the seasons. I agree, "wearing good energy" is a great suggestion. Your thoughts on color, silhouette & fabrics to energize me & move me forward will bring "good energy" to me & my wardrobe.
Thanks Again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra,
It's amazing how feeling beautiful empowers and energizes a woman.
Sheds a new light on shopping and treating oneself well! Count me in!

Happy New Year!