Monday, December 19, 2011

My Ulla Takes Me Everywhere

The holidays are a hectic time, no doubt.

On Friday night, December 9th, my husband asked me if I'd go with him to the holiday Open House at our golf club on Sunday, December 11th for prospective new members! I turned my head toward him, rolled my eyes trying to affect an "are you nuts?!?" look. But he quickly interjected, "Oh come on, I'd like to sponsor Randy for membership." Oh great, now Randy's golf membership is on my holiday to-do list too!

Then I thought for a moment, I really didn't need more time than that. I figured 'what's the big deal?' I don't need to shop, clean or cook for it and with Ulla I have a great outfit, holiday sparkled, at the ready. So I said, "Sure, why not? Yes, in fact, I'd love to go!"

We went and had a great time. Everyone was in a festive mood. The club looked gorgeous and the buffet and holiday punch was delicious. I chatted with Randy for a bit and was reminded how lonely he was at Christmastime. His wife passed away four years ago and it had happened during the holiday season. He told me how excited he was to join the Club, give himself the gift of membership for Christmas and how having golf to look forward to in the Spring would make the holidays so much easier.

Then I recalled that I had almost said "no" to going to the Open House to sponsor Randy. I was disappointed in my selfishness, perhaps more so at this Season. There was a time in my life, that a last minute invitation gave me anxiety because I worried about how I'd put a flattering outfit together with limited time. Perhaps subconsciously, a little of that fear may linger.

Today, I have Ulla in my closet and the message I have for my sistas who wear plus size is that there should never be a time when you decline an invitation because you fear you 'having nothing to wear.' Life is just too short for that!

Happy Holidays!


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