Monday, December 31, 2012

I Love Boots

I mean, I r-e-a-l-l-y love boots. I love the various contemporary styles of boot-wear and how they can instantly boost your style quotient.  For many years, however, I suffered from “boot envy”. Yes, it's true. My extra large calf and my need for a double wide width kept me an outsider looking in at the boot-wearing world. Forgive the Christmas metaphor, but it felt like I was left outside, gazing into a window of a warmly decorated living room, fire roaring, family gathered around the tree, singing carols and sipping eggnog, and there I was, on the outside, in the cold. I think you get the picture.

Ulla's selection of wide calf boots , however, has invited me in! Ulla covers me in every style and merrily, at an affordable price. 

Here's what I'm lovin'. One style was on my Christmas wish list; can you guess which one?

Low-Heeled Ankle Boot 

Ulla's Leg-lengthening Ankle Boot, 25922, gives style and extra height with its 2" stack-look heel. The boot is 4" high from the top of the heel, with a comfy tricot lining and a non-slip synthetic sole. It's perfect for pants or jeans.

Flat Knee-High Boot

Ulla's Stretch Back Riding Boot, 25930, is a comfortable riding-style boot with a wide calf that has two 
s-t-r-e-t-c-h panels forming the entire back, to conform to the shape and width of your leg. There is a pretty buckle strap accent at the rear ankle. The boot is 14" tall from the top of the 1" stack-look heel. This boot is so versatile with jeans, pants, and leggings, and of course, skirts and dresses. I love the clean, crisp “riding” style.

Dressier Heeled Boot

Ulla's Patent Trim Dress Boot, 25929, is a tall boot with a touch of sass. With patent and sueded angled trim on the calf and at the ankle, it has a square toe and is 15" high from the top of its 2 1/4" stacked-look heel. This is a beautiful pair of boots! Oh my, this boot just polishes any outfit!

Wedge Boot

Ulla's Versatile Wedge Boot, 25926, has a pebble-grained texture making it casual, but still stylishly tailored. It has a rounded toe and it is 14" high from the top of the stacked-look wedge heel. Personally, I wear this boot several times a week  very easy to build an outfit with. This is a low wedge boot that will take you anywhere in smooth, sleek style.

So, I dropped a few hints – and yes, I received a pair of Ulla's Stretch Back Riding Boots, in brown, for Christmas! Love 'em!!

Which style would you pick?

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Daphne said...

I love boots too, but rarely buy them because my calf is wide also. I recently bought my daughter a pair of boots & had the calf stretched
I would much rather buy a boot that fits from the start, & these boots look great. Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

You bet! I enjoy being an "ambassador" for Ulla boots because never before in my life, could I have had a few pairs of stylish, affordable, well-fitting boots! Yes!