Monday, December 17, 2012

One Gorgeous Jacket

Ulla's Tweed and Chenille Plaid Jacket, 25323, is a star! In fact it was just featured in November by Marie Claire magazine’s plus size fashion blogger, Nicolette Mason, the "Big Girl in a Skinny World".

A go-to jacket for many occasions, its festive, regal red plaid pushes it to the front of my closet during the Holiday Season.  It's a richly textured designer-style plus size jacket with a polished look that can be worn over pants or skirts. 

It has pretty winged lapels, patch pockets, fringed trim, and faceted dressmaker buttons over hidden snaps. I love the fact that it is shaped with light shoulder pads, but still has a comfortable relaxed fit.

Here are three ways I'm wearing this winner jacket this season, over...

1. ... a white tee and jeans. As a thoroughbred look through and through, I'll never get over jeans and a white tee. As I've matured, I love the juxtaposition of a designer style jacket over a pair of great classic jeans. Ulla's Stretch Denim Boot-cut, 14823, has just enough stretch for comfort but not too much so that the jeans loose the silhouette I'm after. (The jeans come in a Slim-leg cut, 14824, as well, and both styles are available in a shorter length with a 28 inch inseam.) Try Ulla's Split Neck Tee, 31561, in white, for a crisp, high quality look and great coverage.

2. ... Ulla's Matte Jersey Black Tank, 94568, and Slim-leg Pants, 02635. This outfit was among my favorites in Babe's Picks. It is a sophisticated look and comfortable as can be. Is there a better combination?

3. ... Ulla's Matte Jersey Dot Sleeve Maxi Dress, 31254. Why? The sleeves of the dress are nicely cut so there is minimal bulk, but they give me the option of removing the jacket if I get too warm. I also plan on wearing the dress, alone, on New Year's Eve!

In your opinion, how many wearings of an item make it an investment piece?

Ulla Popken Blogger & Stylist
Feel good in what you wear.


Anna said...

The tweed & chenille jacket is beautiful, I really like it, so classic!

Anonymous said...

It really is, Anna. Makes me feel part of a classic designer's impact on fashion that was previously outside of my reach.

Deb said...

Hi Babe,
I didn't know Ulla made their jeans in a shorter length too! I've been waiting for that :)
You gave me great advice before, about a coat, may I eamil you about the jeans?
Thanks, Deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
It was nice chatting with you again! Keep me posted on how the jeans work for you.

I hope other readers will 'shop' with me as well!