Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post Holiday Shopping Tips!

It’s amazing how quickly the Holidays can come and go! Luckily for us, we can take full advantage of store sales and special discounts. Now is the perfect time to put all those gift certificates to use! Check out some of our discounted items, and allow your Holiday gift money to get you more than ever before. Why not get a head start on some transitional items for late winter early spring? And remember the easiest way to vamp up your wardrobe is to add one or two key items that can liven up any outfit!

Don’t forget to check out Ulla’s Brocade Swing Jacket # 81301, it’s a steal at a reduced $4.99 and its available in both colors and almost all sizes!


Jane said...

I have a question about one of your sales items. Awhile back you said that you were decreasing the neck sizes on the spring 2010 tops. Last summer, I had ordered item #94499, DOLMAN SLEEVE TAILORED SHIRT, and the neck was too big so I had to return it, but I loved it so much I recently tried it in a smaller size, which fit great except for the neck, which was still too big. I noticed that you have the shirt listed under two item numbers: one is cotton/poly, #94499, which I believe is the original, and the other is 100% cotton, item #94425. Only #94425 comes up if you click on blouses, but #94499 is also listed on the 94425 item page. Typing in the search term "dolman" brings both up on separate pages. I thought perhaps #94425 was the new design, with the smaller neck, but both have the same description, "The classic man-tailored shirt is re-fitted with a feminine shape and ample dolman sleeves that dramatically increase its comfort," although I'm pretty sure that was not the description when I ordered the smaller size in #94499. So now I'm really confused. Are they both "refitted" and does "refitted" mean it's the new smaller neck? Of course, the question may be moot since 94425 is already out of stock in 24/26. If only the 94425 is the new smaller neck, and I missed it, I'm going to be really disappointed because I really love those shirts. and if the 94499 is also the smaller neck, I'll also be disappointed since it means that the neck is still too big for me. Can you clarify for me so I'll know if it will be worth trying again, assuming you get it back in stock at some point? Thanks!

buyingteam said...

Jane -
This is an item from our fall 2009 line it is not from our new spring 2010 line.
It is the same item just two different fabrics - the fit is the same. Sorry the neck is too wide for you.
Please feeel free to give something from the spring 2010 line a try anything that starts with a 01 would be a new spring 2010 item check out new arrivals.
Thanks for your comment and feedback.

Jane said...

Thanks for that information. Unfortunately, you don't have any classic button front shirts in the spring catalog, at least not ones polished enough for work (which hearkens back to an earlier blog question about what we'd like to see more of!). When the weather warms up, I'll definitely try the Spring Weave Blouse (01462) though and I'm looking forward to trying the square and scoop neck tops as well.