Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Upclose and Personal with Ulla Popken!

Ever wonder what it would be like to work for Ulla Popken? To have a say in the items we buy, and have all the inside information? Well we would like to give you a glimpse into life at Ulla! I asked our Assistant Buyer, Beth Neisser to let our bloggers know what she thinks about Ulla Popken and our clothing, her responses may surprise you!

Hollie: What new item are you most excited about?
Beth: Our branded line of swimsuits.
H: Which famous woman could you envision in Ulla?
B: Monique of course!
H: Which new item says 'Ulla' to you the most?
B: #02322, Metallic Jacket. Its unique, you can't just find it anywhere.
H: Any insider style tips to share?
B: Be daring, try something that you normally wouldnt. You might be surprised at how wonderful you look. Step out of your box!
(for this Beth recommends #02296 Ombre Surplice Dress)
H: What is your go-to dressy Ulla outfit?
B: #02465 & #02269 Crinkle Dress & Duster. It's a fabulous shade of brown and is a great fit. Also the Beaded Goddess Dress #02295 is a great fit, and I love green!!
H: Planning a vacation? What Ulla items would you bring?
B: For swim: #02919 'Aurora' skirted Miraclesuit w/#02598 Knit Flounce Coverup.
Casual: #02461 Tribal Print Tunic, #02276 Side Tie Dress (looks a million bucks on!). Can't forget the cool and flowing crepe seperates #02326 & #02834.

A special thank you to Beth for taking the time to share your thoughts in our Blog!


Anonymous said...

Are you ever going to put up a notice that you are on facebook?There are four of us there .It would be nice if you would put something on your webpage....

Hollie said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, we will be letting our customers and fans know we are on Facebook very soon!

Our new Facebook page will be featured in a blog spot very shortly!

Thanks for your comment!

oryxland said...

i'm really big fan of Ulla it's unique , but i wanna give you an advice that may make you even better ,in fashion world the role seems to be 'show my more of the body details' it's the opposite in middle east countries like my country 'Qatar' we like decent clothes such as long skirts that covers the ankles and more ,non-tie shirts or stretch ,we are not suppose to show so much skin especially Muslim country ,if you create such items you will do us a favor and you will make a complete new fashion trend