Thursday, March 04, 2010

You Be the Judge!

You may have noticed the 'Customer Favorites' section of our webpage, this is where we take a very careful look at the buying activity of each seasons items. The garments that show to be most popular with our customers will be in that category. If you are new to Ulla check out this section first, you will get a good idea of our items and selection. This is also a great starting point when you just aren't quite sure what type of look you are going for. There is a huge selection of our most prized items in our customer favorites, be sure to check it out!

Here is your chance- what is your favorite Ulla item? Why do you love it?


Anonymous said...

My size range is 36/38 so I don't buy many clothes. I've found Ulla's garments to be made from quality fabric with an easy fit. Your T-shirts are great. They are LONG ENOUGH! I am taller and need the extra length to cover what I'd rather not see. 3/4 sleeves are a must. I have many of your jumpers because the arm opening is generous and the longer length hides my legs (extreme cellulitis). I've also found that jumpers are very comfortable. My one complaint on many plus size manufacturers (one in particular that bops) is that while the design is generous, they space the buttons too far apart. I end up having to hand-stitch the garment closed up to the neck to keep from having gaps. It's that or inserting small snaps and a neat running stitch on the inside is faster and easier. Would love to see sleeve dimensions listed on blouses and dresses. It is not always easy or practical to add gussets ... providing you can find some fabric that would blend in. Would love to see turtleneck knit tops (longer length) carried as a staple item. I usually buy them in the men's plus catalog (5XT). Those fit (sleeves are a bit long) but they are not always consistent in the quality of their knits. One season the knits are beautiful the next season you wonder what bargain bin the knit came out of. Also, let's face it, most men are color-challenged and their color selection does not represent current color trends.

buyingteam said...

Thank you so much for all your comments. We love customer feedback. We had a turtleneck this winter item #45510 - have you tried this one or is it not the length you need? We also have a great turtleneck dress item #75209 - both will be in stock starting in mid August in lots of fabulous colors. Thanks for shopping with Ulla.

Janet C. said...

I am a new costumer to Ulla and I have to say I am really impressed. I searched high and low for quality leggings and yoga capris and am so pleased I purchased them at Ulla! The yoga pants have great stretch for movement and the leggings provide great coverage under shorter summer dresses. I have a long torso and it is hard to find stylish clothing that offers the coverage I need. Ulla seems to have many choices in tops in lengths 0f 30" to 32" and I am very grateful for it. Can't wait to shop some more!