Monday, June 06, 2011

Love your aura!

Improving your aura or charm doesn’t cost a dime and yet it’s worth a fortune, because it can enhance your people skills, attractiveness and general mood.

Think of a woman you consider sexy, assured and comfortable “in her own skin.” Pick a real woman, a colleague, relative or friend, not a celebrity whom you really don’t know. When you look at the outer package, the woman may or may not be beautiful. There is a very real chance that she wouldn’t make it to the cover of a fashion magazine, yet this is the person that comes to mind when you conjure up “sexy and assured.” Most women wouldn’t mind being thought of in this way.

Take this process a bit further and try to isolate the characteristics and qualities you admire and may possess. Some of the characteristics may be:

  • CALM

With body language that is conscious (“Fake it ‘til you make it.”) –

you can be this sexy and assured woman. What qualities are YOU drawn to?


Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

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Cindy said...

Women who make me laugh seem assured and sexy to me. A great smile doesn't hurt either.

Monica said...

My friend Cindy and I are reading your blog together and debating this. I think the sexiest and most assured women have the most assured laugh themselves. It's loud and hearty and says to heck with the world!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy and Monica,
I agree with you about the importance of laughing.

My longest lasting and best friends are the ones I laugh the hardest with; I'm talking tears rolling and bellies aching. Perhaps not so coincidentally, I think of them as sexy, pretty women.

On a slightly different note, I've come to see that when romance endures, it is often married to a lot of laughter.