Monday, June 20, 2011

My Personal Best

Our son’s high school graduation came and went. It was beautiful, truly a moment to savor. It was gratifying on more than one level.

I remember when our son entered the school, a prep school, how proud we were. A little daunted by the costs but overjoyed by the opportunity. Yet, I wondered, (as a family,) can we keep up? Self-interestedly, in the back of my mind, I actually thought, “How do I stack up against the other mothers? Ninety-nine percent of them are thin, exercised, well-coiffed and look, effortlessly, like they belong in a Ralph Lauren ad. Guess what? I don’t and never will, but much has happened for me in 12 years – I’ve embraced being my personal best.

The day was warm and the sun soaked through the mature trees. One thousand seats were set up outside Founders Hall. We arrived a half hour early but found that most of the seats were already filled or reserved. As we made our way to find 3 seats together I got an opportunity to check out the “landscape.”

Yes, I’m probably still the heaviest mother of the class, and (not but) I looked terrific! Frankly, I looked great 12 years ago too, but was looking in the wrong mirror. What’s different for me now, and the reason I connect with Ulla Popken, is that it’s all about looking and being your personal best, regardless of your weight or size. Trust me, there were countless women there, who weighed half of what I weigh, who were not at their personal best.

They call it commencement for a reason. Find a mirror that reflects a new standard - being your personal best. How do you distinguish “your personal best”?


Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

Be your personal best.


Alyse said...

Hello, Babe.

I am happy to comment.

For women, "being your personal best" means excelling at whatever is it we choose to do and strike a balance that is conducive to our role and (very importantly) our personal well-being. So often, as women we multi-task, and lose ourselves as we fill our roles as mothers, workers, spouses, partners, sisters, adult children, and community members.
To me, being my personal best, means not only excelling at what I choose to do, but enjoying it. Life is far too short to 'just go through the motions of living.' It means integrating fun into daily life, spending time with those important to me, and cherishing alone time. Is is sometimes a challenge balancing roles? absolutely.
Being my personal best is something that is seen from the outside with the choices I make regarding what to wear, how I present myself and with whom I choose to interact. Intrinsically, it is guided by my attitudes, values and ethics that guide me in navigating life.

Anonymous said...

So beautifully stated, Alyse!
Thank you!

much afraid said...

My personal best includes attending to all aspects of my self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Getting some exercise, eating well, studying something engaging, nurturing my relationships with loved ones, and devoting time to re-energizing my spirit are all part of that.

I used to be considerably smaller than I am now, and I spent a terrific amount of time fretting over what I ate, how much I exercised, and if I looked as good as so-and-so. It was an endless downward spiral of internal drama that never saw me at my best, no matter how good I might have looked on the outside. Now, my personal best is an inside job, and I am happier than I have ever been.

Thanks for a thought-provoking topic, Babe!

Anonymous said...

Hi much afraid,
The phrase "endless downward spiral of internal drama that never saw me at my best," - is so powerful and so true.

On behalf of our sisterhood...
THANK YOU for sharing!

cbk said...

Hi Babe, for me the term "own it" inspires me to be my personal best every day. When I take responsibility for a task at work and my name is attached it's mine to do well or poorly - I always choose to take pride in my work and do a good job. Same goes for our home and garden - we literally "own it" but we choose to keep it well maintained and pleasing to our senses. When it comes to my size I also "own it" but I choose to not let it define me. I may be the largest woman in the room, but that doesn't mean I have to dress in black and hide my personality. I love color so I wear it; look for fasions that flatter my shape; go up and down a size without getting hung up on the number-it's all about the fit. Right now this is what it is -good or bad I "own it." The people who matter most in my life see the person who lives, laughs and loves with everything she has and I "own" that too.

Anonymous said...

"Own it" - I'm going to be inspired by that for a long time!
Thank you!!

Suzanne said...

Thank you for sharing your story and for the other comments.

It is inspiring that there are such wonderful people in the world whose stories can help another person see the best in themselves.

I am at my personal best when I feel confident and strong whether at work, at home or out with friends. I remind myself that I am a confident, capable, beautiful woman and those are all things that come from within me!

I can hold my head high knowing each day I leave my house that I do I anything I set my mind to, that my spirit shines from within! I am thankful to be alive, healthy and surrounded by people I love and who love me.