Monday, August 15, 2011

Jeggings and Leggings

I often recommend "build from the bottom...up." If you look in your closet, I think you'll find at least four tops for every bottom you own. Nothing wrong with that, but here's some new inspiration to try.

Two new Ulla products have inspired me to wear a look, a youthful, playful look, that I thought I couldn't wear previously, our Stretch Denim Jeggings, #14822 and our Stretch Ponte Knit Boot-Cut Leggings, #14621, or Stretch Ponte Knit Slim Cut Leggings, #14622.

  • Leggings inspire a current vibe, well-interpreted for the woman who wears plus size using a mix of feminine shapes.
  • When the bottom is fitted (and it is a slim fit, you may want to order a size up) it begs for a full, relaxed top. (AHHHHH!)
  • For an ageless, pulled-together look, pair leggings with matching accessories, especially great ballet flats.
  • Use matching accessories, such as jewelry to rev up the sophistication-quotient even further.
Leggings are the backbone of a look that is relevant and tuned in to the contemporary fashion landscape in a way that flatters the plus size woman. This is precisely our goal at Ulla, to be the better choice by providing contemporary styling, accurate fit and better fabrication.

If you've worn Ulla's jeggings or leggings, please share your thoughts with us.


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Debby said...

Babe, Thanks for the updated info on this look.I like the long lean look of leggings. I have been self conscious of the ripples on my legs showing through the fabric, but your suggestion of a long top might just be perfect! Again, Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,
Yes, I know what you mean.

In my opinion, the fabric is substantial enough to cover ripples and the like. But if you're still concerned...

Pair it with a 34 inch (length) top like our Liquid Shimmer Big Shirt, #15425 (it comes in pink and black.)

Thanks for commenting!