Monday, August 08, 2011

Only Good Shoes Worn Here

There is no way to appear assured, pretty and sexy when your feet hurt. It changes everything – from an aching body, feet, legs and back to an aching disillusioned spirit.

Uncomfortable shoes change the way we walk, how much we walk, and how much we complain about walking.

The corollary is bad too. Many women have opted out of wearing good-looking shoes and instead wear shoes that should be restricted to gardening or work as a correctional officer in a maximum security prison. It doesn’t have to be that way!

At Ulla, we all know “Joe knows shoes!” (Joe is the shoe buyer at Ulla.) While a majority of our customers choose good-looking flats, Joe has given us other beautiful options too. I wear a size nine, double wide and thankfully, there is as much for me to choose from, in Ulla’s collection, as anyone else. Yesss!

A few footwear faux pas to avoid:

  • Don’t wear shoes with ankle straps; it chops up the lengthening effect we always seek.
  • Don’t wear shoes that have high vamps; it thickens ankles and legs.
  • Never wear light shoes with dark hosiery; it cuts your legs off and makes you look shorter and heavier than you are.
  • Don’t wear shoes if your feet spill over or seem to bulge out.
  • Don’t allow shoes to appear uncared for and worn.

Check out our many Ulla-styles – they are comfy, well-fitting, contemporary, and come in a variety of heel heights. Please share what you count on as “tried and true” in footwear.


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