Monday, October 24, 2011

Smart Dressing that's Not Studied

Have you ever noticed a woman who always seems to be well-dressed? Adjectives like smart, elegant, effortlessly-put-together seem to radiate from her? You can be that woman too!

The trick is to find a few 'uniforms' that work with your silhouette and lifestyle and refresh them seasonally. One example is the inner black column (tank and pant) with a go-to cardigan or jacket.

Ulla's Big Button Cardigan, #15547, is such a go-to piece. It comes in three colors, black, camel and port and is made of cotton/acrylic, 60/40, so it's comfy, drapes and keeps its original shape well.

A close cousin of this look is to use another monochromatic colored inner column, such as our Matte Jersey Tank, #94568 and Straight Leg Pants, #02635, in plum, with either a.) a tonal cardigan, say the port color, with a tonally matched flat shoe, such as the Essential Skimmer in purple, #15936, or a contrasting cardi, like the camel color, with a shoe that is also tonally coordinated with the pant.

While the term 'smart' usually refers to a look that is sleek, uncomplicated, upscale and uplifting - my guess is that the woman who takes advantage of this look is a pretty smart cookie, herself!

What are your 'uniform' looks?


Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

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Deb said...

Hi Babe, I really like the look of the "big button" cardigan. In the past I have worn blazers, but have begun to feel I wear them too often, this cardigan will "change it up" for me. Thanks for the great ideas for looking smart, sleek, tailored & well put together.

Eunice said...


I've just discovered your book as I watched a video on the Ulla Popken website. I ordered the book immediately.

Do you have seminars and if so is there a schedule available? Do you have a newsletter via email?

Although I was thin as a teen and through my 30's, in my 40's I put on weight. I went through Menopause in my early 40's with no hormone treatments advised by my doctor. Now I look like my aunts I loved so much, short (5 ft 4) and fluffy and wonderful in so many ways. :-)

I've been successful in many areas of life and enjoy life to the fullest. My joys are entertaining, cooking and the arts. I tell people I'm one of the luckiest people in the world! God has blessed me in many ways. I've even figured out a lot of tricks of looking better larger on my own but am looking forward to your book and learning more.

I am going to get my hair cut before your book arrives and am wondering your advise concerning hair for larger women. Of course I keep my hair short and about 7 years ago I stopped fighting the gray and went "el-natural" and haven't looked back. I get lots of compliments on my "silver" hair.

My figure is somewhat straight and not really much of a bust line like some larger gals. My face and smile are my best attributes. I need advice on what kind of hair cut to get. My face is square with high cheek bones. I haven't had a body perm in years but have recently been thinking a body perm might give me a more balanced look. Without reading your book I am wondering if I am on the right track concerning my thoughts on a body perm to balance with my figure?

Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Eunice,
Forgive me for responding so late, this went into my spam folder and I just saw it now.

Well, I'm probably too late to give you hair advice, but the book does contain a section on it for the next time!

That said...High cheek bones?!? You are in luck!

1. Where your hair stops (the length and shape) is where the eye will be drawn to. Therefore, you may want to keep the layers above your ears to emphasize your cheek bones.

2. A wave can be a great idea too because we want full hair, especially at the crown to balance our bodies. Wavy, pretty hair counteracts what appears to be a small head on large body.

3. Silver hair (not indecisive gray) can be sooooo beautiful, make sure you have color in your face using a little blush or a bronzer.

In terms of advice, no seminars scheduled but I write this weekly column for Ulla Popken, Talking It U.P., I also write a weekly column for on plus size fashion tips. I also use Twitter.

My goal is to help us women, of a certain age, who wear plus size, be their personal best.

Thank you so much for writing. May I include your email on my blog, using only your first name?


Eunice said...

Thank you for responding. I've been out of state but suspect I have received your book by the time I return home. I did get my hair cut in layers above my ears but did not get a wave perm this time.

Yes, certainly add my email to your blog. I am 57 years old and really have no desire to really look younger but to always look as nice as possible. I have some great DNA and have very few wrinkles. My mother is 92 and no one can believe her age.

Looking forward to reading your book and receiving more advise.


Silvia said...

I am in love with the Ulla Popken clothing. I only know the name here in Europe and when I saw the US website I was amazed and entranced very different and just lovely.

I moving back home to the US and am getting married in a few weeks and it is a small simple wedding probably at an office, but I still want to look Fabulous because I will also be turning 60 that day and want to remember the day as a fantastic one and I am trying to decide on a dress from Ulla Popken.

My only concern is I am only 5'1 and wonder will everything be too long. I saw one of the the dresses on you and it was perfect. Can I asked how tall you are?


Anonymous said...

Hi Silvia,
Congrats!! This is wonderful news and I'm thrilled you will be wearing Ulla to the big event!

I'm 5'7". My thought is that, if you need to hem the dress, it shouldn't be too difficult. I would however, bring it to a local cleaners/tailor and have it measured with a yardstick off the floor for perfect balance. My guess is that it will cost you about $12.

Best Wishes!