Monday, October 03, 2011

Jeans Give-away!

Diane*, you're a jean-ius! We will GIVE-AWAY a pair of jeans to the first 10 women to comment on my blog, Talking It U.P. AND send the comment to All we ask is for a review of the jeans within 30 days.

The launching of our new jeans is something we are very excited about and proud of at Ulla Popken. They are a representation of why we claim to be the 'better choice' in plus size fashion. Our jeans, Stretch Denim Button Zip Bootleg Pant, #14823, Stretch Denim Slim Jeans, #14824, and Stretch Denim Jeggings, #14822, have been completely rebuilt from the bottom - U.P., no pun intended - okay, maybe a little pun :)

* The fabrication is 99% cotton and 1% spandex, allowing the jeans to stay soft and well-fitted throughout the day while still giving a bit of stretch for comfort.

* The cut has been worked and reworked to embrace the curves of all of our customers. The doubled waistband sits at the navel, creating the sleekest silhouette possible.

* We sent the whistles and bells back to our daughters, where they belong, allowing our jeans to fit smoothly, agelessly, and serve as a back-drop for great tops and accessories, both casual and dressy.

* The pockets are positioned to 'lift' and smooth the appearance of the tush in a flattering way.

* The washes, Dark Denim and Denim have depth and a ruddy richness that is quintessentially American and usually only captured by designer jeans costing 2-3 times more than ours.

Did we get it right? You be the judge. Check out our VIDEO where we asked four Ulla associates, sizes 12-20, to take them for a test drive.

Yes, great jeans are an important foundation of a well-dressed woman's closet. They're versatile and therefore a no-brainer investment in a modern woman's wardrobe who wants to present herself as sharp and tuned in.

We want your opinion! If you have already tried the new jeans, we'd love to hear what you think.


Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

Be Your Personal Best!

*Diane Cantor is the VP for Merchandising at Ulla Popken.


BargainHoundDailyDeals said...

yes I am number ONE! And I already love this store so I cant wait to try out the new jeans! You can get all my contact info @

Thank you!!-Shonna

Erika said...

I would LOVE the opportunity to try these new jeans out and review them. I have yet to find the perfect jeans that work both on a fit & comfort level.

AuntieAnnie said...

I haven't tried the new jeans yet, but I really want to. I have a horrible time getting jeans to fit - at 62 my waist has expanded, and I have never had much of a derriere. Ah well.

Theresa Huskey said...

I bought a pair of your jeans years ago and i absolutely loved them, they were the best jeans i ever had. thank you Theresa

Julie Anne said...

I can't wait to try the new jeans - finding a great fitting pair of jeans is the hardest thing to do.

MGN said...

I am always looking for a great pair of jeans. I would love to try and review a pair.

Tami said...

I would love to have the opportunity to try these jeans. Fit has always been a concern of mine, as well as style, so I'm hoping these fill both needs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

Love the comments!

Remember, the Give-Away requires 1.)the comment posted here AND 2.)an email to (that's how I can follow-up with the details.)


APRIL :o) said...

I would love a new pair of jeans that FIT. I like comfy but I need fit.

MarionG said...

Love jeans with spandex and love the looks of these. Would love to try and review them. Please count me in.
polo-puppy-fluffy at hotmail DOT com

Floweresq said...

I love the look and perfect fit of your jeans! I can't wait to try the new, improved version out!

eusebius said...

I'd love to try and review these jeans! They look fabulous, particularly the bootcut style. Thanks for this opportunity :)

Melissa said...

I'd looove to try the new jeans!! =o)

DandelionGirl said...

I would LOVE to try the new jeans. I have bought UP's jeans in the past and been quite satisfied. I'm sure these new ones will far surpass my expectations as well. I will gladly leave a review. :-)

p.s. I realize I'm not one of the first 10 comments but perhaps I'm one of the first 10 to follow directions by commenting and sending an email. :-) Hey, can't blame a girl for trying. ;-)

Susan P. said...

I'd love to try the Stretch Denim Button Zip Bootleg Pant, #14823 (what a mouthful)! I have only a few jeans that I like the fit of so could use some good fitting jeans.

I sent you an email.

I've got popcorn! said...

Sigh. Late again. Couldn't "sign-in" here at first and it took me too long. Well anyway, I love everything I have purchased so far from U.P. The clothing is proportioned perfectly for my body style. Most other stores clothing always needs a hem here or a tuck there, which costs more in tailoring fees. U.P. clothing seems like they used me as a form. I am looking forward to trying the jeans because, like AuntieAnnie, I have a horrible time finding jeans that fit (and are comfortable to sit down in(! I do wish there were more slacks available in a petite size option too (I'm 5'5"). I tend to buy cropped and wear them as regular length bottoms!! HA HA HA

KathyV said...

Half of my clothes are Ulla Popken. I like the way they fit, the way they launder and the way they last. I doubt I've made the 10-cut for the jeans but would love to try a pair. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sandy said...

I would love some new jeans, but U.P needs to add tall length jeans for us tall gals. Please add tall sizes. Thank you.

belinda said...

I would to try ur jeans

MarshaClements said...

I would love to try your jeans, but it looks like I'm not in the top ten! Congrats to those 10 ladies. I have had a hard time finding a comfortable and attractive jean in a few years. I've gained some tummy weight and think I may never get it off--if I'm going to be a happy camper, I'm going to have to find some jeans and tops that I will feel good in!

French Hen said...

Yes! The new jeans sound terrific. A bold & curvy silhouette needs no gee-gaws to set it off, just a good pair of well-fitting jeans to accent (& help create) a long line. Thanks, ULLA!

~dab said...

Ahhh too late :( But I'll be on the lookout for these when they hit the stores!

Vaughn's Homepage said...

I love Ulla Popken and have order many items but no jeans. So yes I would love to try them and write a review.
Donna Vaughn

Anonymous said...

Well, we have our 10 winners! Congrats!

Sorry to those of you who were not in the first 10. From today through Thursday, Ulla is running a great sale for our new jeans - $39 - hope that helps somewhat.

Look forward to hearing what you think!


Anonymous said...

Just made my first purchase..
now I will have to come back and try your jeans...

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen,
That's great! I'm really enjoying my Ulla jeans, I have the bootcut, in the dark denim wash, you're going to love them!

ChrisHM said...

I have the hardest time finding jeans to fit..I am a true pear shape. I have a short smaller waist and larger hips and thighs and would love wide leg jeans with NO rear pockets to draw attention to the hips.
I am 5'6" and have a 32 inseam with flats...and find that large size women's pants are far too short. 30" inseams are considered petite by other retailers! Please no
"high water" jeans or pants!

magpiern1 said...

I hate pants. My waist is one size, my stomach is one size larger, and then my thighs and legs are two sizes smaller--a pear on sticks. If I get the correct size for my stomach, my legs are drenched in material. I have resoted to fitting my thighs and putting a gusset on both sides of stretch material. If I don't do that they rip right at the bottomy of the pocket. It is a pain. Any other ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Magpiern1,
I get your frustration at a very personal level, and I have a solution for you using a couple of Ulla items, #14621, Stretch Ponte Boot-cut Knit Leggings, at the top of the list (and they come in black and gray.)

You reached out to me - let me reach back to you. Contact me at, and we'll go Ulla shopping together. I have some thoughts that might make you a very happy, pant-wearing lady!


Nancy Johnson said...

I was one of the lucky winners of a free pair of Ulla Popken Jeans. My jeans were the skinny dark rince. I loved the double waist band and found that it sat just right on my belly button. I also loved the fit on my derriere. I would buy these jeans in a heartbeat if only they were about four inches longer. Yes.... they were a full four inches shorter than I like to wear. I surely hope UllA will seriously consider a tall line of jeans for those of us with long legs. But thanks to Babe and Ulla for my jeans and I think next spring they will morph into capris with a little help from my sewing machine!! Nancy Johnson

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,
I've shared your important point about offering sizing in "Tall" as well, with Ulla's leadership.

Just curious, how tall are you?

Glad you liked the jean so much though!!

Nancy Johnson said...

Hi Babe.... actually I am "only" 5'10" tall. My dad was 6'5" tall and also wore a 34" inseam. So I have a "short/normal" torso with extra long legs. My son John is
6'4" tall but wears a 36"inseam whereas my daughter, who is exactly my height wears a 32" inseam!!! I liked the Ulla jeans because the rise was just right for me. Sometimes I find the rise to be a couple inches too long and they do not sit at the right place around the middle. The rise/inseam thing is tricky in jeans!! Thanks again for my Ulla jeans.

PS... I LOVE the blue velvet jacket you had on. I'm afraid if I buy one more piece of clothing any time soon my husband will kill me.. My closets are packed with Ulla clothes in several sizes many of which still have the tags. You have the classiest plus size clothes on the net!!!

Marion said...

I've been trying out the Ulla Popken jeans I recently received and I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised. The jeans are in a nice dark wash with a straight leg.

They fit really nicely due to the stretch in the denim. The denim is a great weight which feels like it will wear well. The back of the pant fits perfectly and doesn't gape when you bend over.

I love the straight leg that I find gives me a slimming look. These jeans are a winner in my book. I'm finding them very comfortable to wear and have been complemented on them several times.

Thank you for a wonderful product. I'll be recommending them to my friends.

Julie Anne said...

Hi Babe-
Would you like the feedback on the jeans left here?
- Julie Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie Anne,
Sure, please go ahead and post.