Monday, November 21, 2011

Early Plus Size Clothing Holiday Musings

Earlier this week, a client invited me to lunch to discuss refreshing her wardrobe for the holidays. She arrived, decked out in an outfit I had styled for her two years ago. Back then, it looked great. Now, however, it no longer looked so flattering. What had changed? The style? Not really. The color palette? Nope.

Lets be honest, what had changed was that she either had gained some weight or her weight had redistributed itself around her tummy.Gosh, can I related to that, or what!

So I had a choice, do I bring it up or wait and see if she does. I figured I'm here to help and certainly I know first-hand of what I speak. I broached the topic by saying, "Talk to me, you seem uncomfortable." She looked at me, held my glance for an extra second, burst into tears but managed to blurt out, "Babe, I turned 50 last year and almost to the day my tummy popped out, I'm so uncomfortable in everything I own - What a birthday present!" Ah, the old "menopot" strikes again!

I can't change menopause but I do have a tip that can help and I think you'll appreciate it all the more as the holidays get closer. Build an outfit from the bottom up. Find a pant that gives you comfort and sleek at the same time. Where is such a delectable item to be found? Smack in the middle of Ulla's Matte Jersey Collection. I recommend trying the pant in two different cuts, the Straight Leg Pants, #02635 and the Wide Leg Pants, #91624.

Here's why you'll love them as much as I do:

* Elastic waistband, 1 inch thick so it doesn't roll down
* Stretch throughout the tummy, hips and thighs
* Matte Jersey fabric, thick enough to cover the cottage cheese and thin enough to pour over curves like creamy warm cocoa - forgive the food analogies :)
* Cut that manufactures a very flattering silhouette

Give yourself a gift for the holidays before they get here, a pair of pants that lets you, breathe, laugh heartily and look smashing and sleek.

What else are you thinking about giving yourself for the holidays?

Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger
Be your personal best.

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