Monday, November 07, 2011

Effortless Plus Size Dressing

Have you ever eyed a woman in your travels and thought, "Wow, she looks great and it all looks so natural on her, like she's not even trying?" Effortless dressing is a goal for those of us 'of a certain age.' When I say 'effortless' - I mean in terms of appearance and in terms of energy expended. Yup, that's why 'dress' rings loud and clear when discussing effortless dressing. That's why I love to wear dresses.

Look for a dress that embraces the 'now' of your lifestyle and your body. Take pride and dress your body well, after all, it is the body that allows you to be all you are. Embrace it. Love it. Dress it well.

Look for a dress that has four elements working for you:

* shape
* drape
* line
* detail

A great example of effortless dressing can be found in Ulla's Matte Jersey Sequin Sleeve Dress, #95207. The fabric, poly with a healthy amount of spandex, supports the cut of the dress and makes it soft and comfy to wear throughout the day, and the style offers a great silhouette with coverage and pretty details.

If you want to rev it up, pair it with Ulla's Scrunch Dress Boot, #15923, in Leopard, or if you want to wear a flat, consider Ulla's Essential Skimmer,#15936, either the purple, gunmetal or black.

Please share what effortless dressing means to you.

Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

Be your personal best.


Deb said...

Babe, I can truly relate to the story you write about seeing a relative you haven't seen in 18 years & wanting to look your best. Last Sunday I attended my uncle's 90th birthday celebration & saw some relatives I had not seen in many years & of course, like you, wanted to look my best. It is certainly true that the right outfit makes the stress melt away!
Kudos to Ulla & you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for the validation! Your comment helps me feel like I'm on the right track.

Marlene said...

How heavy are those leopard boots? Can I wear them into Spring?

Anonymous said...

Babe, I love this post about dresses. Dresses are always my go-to outfit! Great idea to pair them with the leopard boots. Love it!

sistag said...

Effortless Plus size dressing is trying something different and realizing Yeah I look HOT! No matter what my size, my age or what ever, I want to look, feel and be my best. Oh and yeah i want those leopard boots... talk about HOT!

Anonymous said...

The leopard boots ARE comfortable. They're very light weight so I was surprised they were comfy and supportive too! And yes, they are HOT (and I don't mean temperature)!

Anonymous said...

really well written! are you a professional author?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am the author of Pretty Plus: How to Look Sexy, Sensational and Successful, No Matter What You Weigh, New Horizon Press, 2010 and,I write the content for this blog.

Thanks for asking!