Monday, March 26, 2012

Try White Pants

Take a risk, try a pair of white pants. Forget the 'after Memorial Day' rule. White pants are a leap-of-faith in yourself and in your personal style - now.

Ulla has several great
plus size choices but I want to focus on three of my favorites.

The Stretch Twill Relaxed Pant, 12830 gives you a sleek silhouette with a flat front, a 3/4 elastic waist and a vented hem It has sort of a rich linen surface texture. leaner lines and a contemporary vibe. It gives great balance and works so well with our tunics.

The Stretch Button Zip Tab Pant, 14821, is an excellent choice too. It has a relaxed fit with a straight leg, it is well-tailored with adjustable front button tab and zipper.I love the stretchy, smooth surface texture of this pant because it allows tops to drape, glide and never cling.

The third option, is our Leggings, 19900. Our Leggings are made of a cotton-rich knit with supportive stretch. They have a flat elastic waist and of course, a slim fit. The fabric is 95% cotton/5% spandex. These leggings are great with any of our long tops, dusters and tunics. Very relevant and tuned-in.

I use white pants as often as I can for three reasons:
  • They're fresh and stylish.
  • I pair them with a stylish, flattering tunic to present my torso as flatteringly as possible.
  • They present me in a confident light.

All of these bottoms are comfortable, wear well and are easy to develop into go-to outfits for all plus size women.

Please share what, if anything, keeps you from wearing white pants! Also if you dare to try them, please share photo(s) of yourself in them. We love featuring employees and customers wearing Ulla clothing because “feeling beautiful is empowering”. You can email the photo(s) to me at


Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

Feel good in what you wear.


Anonymous said...

I am a 66 year old, size 24 and i am having trouble dressing appro for my age i dont want to look matronly but not like a teen either. All i can wear for shoes are flats with good support. Help Please. Love your fashions.

Anonymous said...

First, great flats are plentiful. Start with Ulla's Driving Moc, 21921 in Natural. It's 'patent leather' surface makes it easy to wipe off and always look new.

Second, try a pair of white pants. I love the pair in this picture, 12830, for the contemporary vibe, rich linen surface texture and comfy waist. The pant lies flat because the stretch is in the back of the waistband!

Third, pick two tunics that you love. Pick 2 different color schemes.

Last, accessorize! Match bright, big tonal jewelry to each top and add one of our great straw bags and GO!

Debby said...

I like your suggestion of pairing white pants with a great tunic for a complimentary look. I have never owned white pants, I have always believed they would be unflattering, but now I can try them, THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,
The trick is in choosing a top that will shape and flatter the torso!

I'm so glad you're going to give it a try. Let me know how it works out.


Anonymous said...

I would personally LOVE to wear some white pants this summer, but have always been afraid that the cellulite ripples would show through, and look bad. Do you have any secrets to prevent this? I think white pants are beautiful. I wish I had the confidence to wear them. I'm over 50 and wear a 28. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for talking about cellulite - definitely an issue with white pants!

The Stretch Twill Relaxed Pant, style 12830 has a nubby, linen-like surface texture - meaning cellulite will NOT show through.

The Stretch Button Zip Tab Pant, 14821 is thinner. I love the stretchy smooth fabric, but it IS thinner. I have the same cellulite issue you describe and choose a longer top, say a 34 or 36 inch length top when I wear this pant, providing sufficient coverage.

There's always the option of wearing a nude shaper, but who wants the extra layer as the weather gets warmer? I know I'm hot enough!

There's something about white pants that gives a lighter, fresher look and is well worth the extra thought.

Thanks for asking!!