Monday, March 14, 2011

Vertical Storylines

What do 6 foot, size 2 models and real women like us have in common? We both hang our prettiest silhouette on the longest looking body line possible, the former are born with it and we must create it. And that’s okay, because we can.

Your tallest silhouette hangs on two things.

The line of the outfit:

Keep the silhouette narrow and worn close to the body. Choose soft fabrics that drape. Select tone on tone or monochromatic palettes, and vertically designed details like, seaming, single breasted jackets and zip-front jackets.

The fit of the clothing:

Choose intimates that smooth but don’t restrict. A perennial favorite are the Ulla-la! short panties. They do just that and are a great deal starting at $14. Pick fabrics that are fluid but have enough body to glide and not cling. Ulla’s best selling matte jerseys accomplish this beautifully. Two styles I particularly like are the essential dress starting at only $39 #12233 and angel sleeve jacket #02571 at only $44. Too big or too tight equally compromise your vertical storyline.

You’ve succeeded in creating a vertical storyline if…

  • The lines and illusions of this outfit go up and down.
  • All items float closely and gently on the body.

Want to telegraph your vertical storyline? Stand up straight, roll your shoulders back, focus your eyes and chin on the subject ahead, smile and think, “Hello world!”

Please share other ways that you telegraph confidence and walk tall!


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