Thursday, March 31, 2011

Packing Smart

One suitcase, one heck of a well-dressed vacation! A dozen pieces and one is not an iron.

Three fabrications beg to be packed:

  • Cotton
    • light to carry
    • stylishly wrinkled for interesting texture
  • The Matte Jersey Group - 95% polyester/5% spandex
    • colors and prints mix and match with each other and many other items
  • Ponte Knit - 95%poly/5% spandex
    • great anchor pieces

1. Print Halter Dress (02287)

2. Casual Crinkle Blouse (82408) – Watermelon

3. Matte Jersey Pants (02635) – Navy

4. Matte Jersey Angel Sleeve Jacket (02571) – Navy or Blue Print

5. Matte Jersey Tank Top (94568) – Navy

6. Matte Jersey Essential Dress (12233) – Blue Print

7. Ponte Knit Suit Jacket (11566) – Black

8. Ponte Knit Suit pants (11635) – Black

9. Graffiti Print Tank (12538)

10. Baby Doll Embroidered Blouse (12437)

11. Pintuck Stretch Blouse (91432) – White

12. Gathered Neck Tank (12550) - Pacific

Twelve pieces, well over 12 outfits, how many combos can you make?


Feel good in what you wear!


Cathy said...

Here is my review of the Shawl Collar Matte Jersey Jacket in Multi:

First, I must say that the Shawl Collar Matte Jersey Jacket (in Multi) was lovely right out of the mailing envelope. Due to the matte jersey material, the packing wrinkles literally fell away before my eyes. You can't help but love something that requires little to no ironing! The next thing to catch my attention was the beautiful, subtle color variations of the pattern. It's much more dimensional in person with a lovely color play of the grey, black and creamy white. Although the pattern might be considered bold by some, it is also subtle and can easily be dressed up or down. The sleeves are loose enough to skim over your arm, their length perfect for work or highlighting a nice bracelet or watch. The overall length of the jacket is great too, covering "problem" areas without clinging due to the nature of the jersey material. It's the perfect layering piece, providing a light sweater comfort level, a great anchor piece.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE LOVE Ulla Popken clothing. It is stylish, affordable and makes you feel great wearing it. I particularly love the jeans.
Thank you.

Best, Alyse Bukoski

Anonymous said...

Hi Alyse,
Don't tell anyone I told you but,
amazing Ulla-denim is being planned for the Fall!!