Monday, July 25, 2011

What’s a Smart-Cut Camisole?

The latter half of summer can be tricky in terms of balancing the desire to keep cool and look great. I have a few favorite items that do a fantabulous job of both. While they’re from our Fall collection, they are nevertheless light weight and somewhat sheer. (Come on now, stay open-minded!)

Introducing a few great tunics in our recent video, Ulla VP for Merchandising, Diane Cantor reassured us that she was hearing our concern for fabrics that are too sheer versus fabrics that are opaque and often bulky.

Today I want to focus on a certain type of Ulla tunic that is so appropriate to be worn in late summer and well into the Fall. The two tunics pictured here are very light weight but they come with a “magic bullet.” Each of them comes with their own tonally matched slinky opaque camisole – brilliant!

So what’s so great about that? The barely-there camisole is smart-cut; it creates a flattering outline, hardly visible under the tunic but yet enough to provide excellent coverage and enough to manufacture a very flattering silhouette. I'd love to hear some reviews of our Embellished Animal Tunic Set, #14427 and our Dip Dye Embroidered Tunic Set, #14426.

Diane, I love you!

Babe Hope

Ulla Popken Stylist & Blogger

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Debbie Davis said...

y'know... poly and summer are not two great tastes that go together. There's nothing worse for summer wear than polyester no matter how lightweight and how sheer you make it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,
Your point is well taken! Hey, give a girl a break...I was thinking more about going out in the evening, in and out of the AC, than a picnic, though :)

I've found two great Ulla tunics that are 100% cotton and breathe really well. Both have rich front details too:
#14424, Crochet Detail Tunic Blouse, comes in Natural, Slate Blue, Aubergine and Cypress, and
#14561 Rich Front Detail Tunic, comes in Autumn and Aubergine.

Let me know what you think!

Debbie Davis said...

I already own the first. Hadn't seen the second before but now it shall be mine. If you could tell your buyers that at least one of your loyal customers would love to see more rayon and cotton and even linen blend short sleeved summer blouses and tunics. And actually -- generally poly just sucks. It doesn't fall well on us larger gals and we give off a lot of heat regardless of season and it doesn't breathe well.

Diane Canor, Ulla VP Merchandising said...

Babe, good news we have added about 6 new linen and cotton tops and a linen pant for Summer 2012. We will still have some poly for our customers who like the easy care aspect of poly but for the rest of us ( myself included) more natural fabrics! Stay cool Girls.

Anonymous said...

Totally different topic but...what's your take on your under garments? How do they compare to Spanx?

Anonymous said...

So, Anonymous...
It's funny that you'd ask, please check out what I posted this morning!

First, let me say that "Intimates" are aptly named. It's a very personal matter, in terms of your sensibilities and shape.

I really like the Body Wrap Soft Cup Bodysuit, #14030 - it is very similar to SPANX in quality but less expensive.

Also comparable to SPANX, excellent fabrication but less expensive:
The Body Wrap High Waist Panty, #14031 it's a very nice product, slim fit.
The Body Wrap Cinch and Lift Cami, #14032 - gives great support but runs very slim.